Fake Vs Original Stihl 070 Chainsaw: Side By Side Pictures

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As I’m sure we’re all aware, Stihl still makes the 070 in Germany.

The only problem is that there are many fakes, clones, or pretend 070s out there, so when looking to buy one, make sure you know the difference.

One place the 070 is still for sale is the Philippines, and in 2014, Stihl Philippines Importer DMI made a Facebook post sharing how to tell the difference between an imitation 070/MS720 and a real one.

Here’s what they shared…

Knock-Off Stihl 070 Chainsaws

imitation 070 ms720 vs real

In the Facebook post, they shared:

STIHL warns about imitations and non-compliant chainsaws.

STIHL chainsaw model 070/MS070 is made in GERMANY. Anyone claiming otherwise is selling you a knock-off!

Not in Italy; Not in China. Only from STIHL Germany.

Here are the images they shared with the captions underneath.

stihl 070 new

Original 070 STIHL chainsaws are all made and assembled in GERMANY.

fake 070

Left chainsaw powerhead: FAKE

Right chainsaw powerhead: STIHL ORIGINAL

fake vs real stihl 070

Left chainsaw powerhead: FAKE

Right chainsaw powerhead: STIHL ORIGINAL

stihl original stihl fake

Left chainsaw powerhead: FAKE

Right chainsaw powerhead: STIHL ORIGINAL

clone 070 details

Left chainsaw powerhead: FAKE

Right chainsaw powerhead: STIHL ORIGINAL

bad vs good 070

Top chainsaw powerhead: FAKE

Bottom chainsaw powerhead: STIHL ORIGINAL

Prints of the original STIHL chainsaws are crisp and clear – not smudged.

fake stihl serial vs real

Left chainsaw serial: FAKE

Right chainsaw serial: STIHL ORIGINAL

fake stihl chain vs authentic

Left sawchain: FAKE

Right sawchain: STIHL ORIGINAL

fake vs real stihl manual

Left owner’s manual: FAKE

Right owner’s manual: STIHL ORIGINAL

A look-a-like is nothing alike in performance.

Fake Vs Real Stihl 070

Stihl 070 chainsaw
An old 070

When you see the fake Stihl 070 beside the real one, it’s easy to see the differences.

The fake one has a much poorer finish. Labeling and serial numbers are poorly completed, and everything is clearly lower quality.

In our Stihl 070 chainsaw review, we shared some other ways you can tell a real 070 apart from a fake.

I won’t go into detail again here (read the article for more), but here’s a summary:

  1. Flathead screws – OEM saws use flatheads, they won’t be rounded or oval.
  2. Stihl emboss – the Stihl name will be embossed onto basically every part of a real saw
  3. Serial number – a real serial number can be checked by a local Stihl dealer
  4. Stihl logo – the Stihl logo will be clean and crisp

These tests can be applied to all different Stihl models, not just the 070. However, it’s the 070 that is often copied the most because it is such a popular Stihl chainsaw.


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