Husqvarna 536Li XP And T536Li XP Chainsaw Review: Specs, Features, Price, Alternatives

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The Husqvarna 536Li XP and T536Li XP are 36-volt battery-powered chainsaws.

They are both identical other than that the T536 is a top-handle chainsaw making it better for climbing.

The 536Li XP is a regular backhandle chainsaw that’s more suitable for on-the-ground work.

Both the 536 and T536 Li XP chainsaws can still be found for sale new, but it has been updated and replaced by the newer Husqvarna 535i XP and T535i XP.

See prices for the T536 LI XP (Amazon | Acme Tools) and backhandle 536 Li XP (Amazon | eBay).

536 Li XP And T536 Li XP

husqvarna t536 li xp trial
Image: @lucaliukguasti

The 536 Li XP is described as:

For professionally oriented users who want a lightweight, high-performance chainsaw. Perfect for carpenters, contractors, and tree care workers. Features excellent ergonomics, high performance and high chain speed.

While the T536 Li XP is described as:

For professional users who want a lightweight, extremely easy-to-use top handle chainsaw with high performance. Perfect for arborists. A robust chainsaw with excellent ergonomics, high performance and high chainspeed.

Both models are really good when you need something quiet, light, and fume-free.

As they are battery-powered chainsaws, they are not ideal for long stretches of work – unless you splash out on a lot of extra batteries.

The batteries do charge reasonably quickly, but they will only last for 30 – 45 minutes of demanding work.

The other great benefit of these types of saws is that they put out very little vibration which is a lot nicer on the hands and arms.

husqvarna 536li xp review
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You can see on this chart how the 536 XP compares with other Husqvarna chainsaws.

The 536LI XP is a lower-powered professional chainsaw that is suitable for limbing and tree care.

It’s nothing like the other XP saws listed below it, such as the 562 XP or the 372 XP, which are both much higher-powered gas chainsaws.

The T563LI XP is one of the 3 top handle saws from Husqvarna and again is the lowest-powered model.

It is more comparable in power to the T435 than to those other saws I mentioned, with both being good for arboreal work.

Husqvarna 536 XP Reviews

is the 536 li xp chainsaw good
Image: @fotograferikkarlsson

Most users of the 536Li XP back and top handle are happy with the saw.

As far as battery chainsaws go, it’s very good.

You’ve just got to keep in mind that they have certain limitations compared to gas-powered chainsaws.

Ryan said:

The T536 is hands down better than the STIHL MSA 161T, the T540iXP makes it look like a toy.

Brandon said:

35 minuets of charge gets you 5 hours of cutting. If it’s low you can pop it on charge during lunch.

Chris said:

My neighbor has one for cutting trees off the township roads.

When we went out after a storm one day I was so surprised at how well it cut I want to buy my wife one lol.

He even said the battery hadn’t been charged in a month and it still cut up like 5 trees.

Charlie said:

Love my T536.

Run it with two 200 batteries, such a nice wait and no tick over problems or having to start it up the tree, certainly the future of working in the tree.

Just keep it sharp.

Chad said:

I bought the 536 top handle. I’m really pleased with it. I topped a medium sized soft maple on one battery and still had a little left over.

They are expensive. I bought mine with the good charger and two batteries and it was $900ish.

I’d buy it again. It’s really useful. For little stuff everybody grabs it over the gaser.

Darren said:

Great little saw. I really like mine.

Yes, more expensive up front than gas, but little to no maintenance, no fumes, it’s quiet and the extra cost (the batteries) is really equivalent to buying all your fuel in advance.

Niels said:

I have been running the 536lixp for several years. It works well and I’m very satisfied.

Douglas said:

A buy that you won’t regret. Just remember it’s not a t540. It has it limitations but damn it a good buy!

Go for either the medium of large battery when investing.

Some shorter user reviews:

  • Chad said: “They are great up in the tree.”
  • Abdullah said: “These are great.”
  • Mattias said: “I have a Husqvarna t536lixp. Love it!

Here are Husqvarna 536 Li XP’s pros and cons as outlined in this review video.


  • Very lightweight
  • Quiet and good for early work
  • Low vibration and no fumes
  • No pull-start easier up trees
  • No idling engine between cuts
  • No fuel costs and possibly free charging
  • Less maintenance on battery chainsaws


  • Not good for plunge cuts
  • Can’t feather the throttle
  • Best not to use it in the rain
  • Not for thick hardwood

Specs And Features

cutting up pellets with the 536 xp
Image: @craftlabknives

Other than the different styles of handle, these two saws have the same specs.

This includes:

  • 36-volt lithium-ion battery
  • More efficient BLDC brushless motor
  • 20 m/s chain speed
  • 106 dB(A) sound power
  • 5.29 lbs dry weight

The 536 and T536 Li XP have the Husqvarna savE feature.

This means there are two different power settings – normal or savE.

how long do batteries last 536 xp
Image: @craftlabknives

As you can guess, the savE mode uses less power and can be used when doing light work, and it will make your battery last longer.

Features of the 536 XP:

  • Chain brake for safety
  • Belt eyelet for use with the backpack battery
  • Retained bar nuts to avoid nut loss
  • Flip-up chain and bar oil cap
  • High-speed chain for efficient cutting
  • Easy-to-use keypad

You can see the keypad pictured above – on/off button and on/off savE button.

Husqvarna  536Li XP Chainsaw

is the 536 xp good
Image: @agronomiaarnaldo

So it’s not the most powerful battery-powered Husky, that would be the 540i XP or the T540i XP.

If you want to cut through thicker width logs then one of those would be better.

However, if you’re just after a lightweight saw for light work, the 536Li XP is a good chainsaw.

It is somewhat pricey when you factor in the additional cost of batteries and chargers, but it’s known to be a durable saw that can last for years.

If you don’t already have batteries for the Husqvarna 536Li XP or any other battery-powered Husky, it’s best to buy the saw, batteries, and charger as part of a kit – this ultimately will save you money compared to buying everything separately.

EGO battery-powered chainsaws is a cheaper brand that might suit those who are not wanting a full-time pro saw.


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