STIHL MS 640 Chainsaw… Yes It’s Real, And This Is What We Know

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The STIHL MS 640… had you heard of it?

It’s a rare saw we’ve only seen a handful of times online.

But what is it?

The 640 is basically an 064.

It was reportedly sold outside North America, mostly in Eastern European or Balkan regions, before the MS 650 was released.

This is everything we could find out about it…

NOS NIB 640/660
Image: Croatian marketplace

Some folk think the 640 tags are fake, and that the saw is a “Chinese Knockoff,” but the STIHL MS 640 is definitely a genuine model.

Just as the STIHL series 1122 064 and 066 saws shared much in common, so do the MS 640 and 660.

stihl ms 640/660
Image: Croatian marketplace

This is an MS 640 that looks “new in box.” 

It was listed in 2016 on a marketplace in Croatia for only €92.91 or US $100.

However, the listing description states, “The saw is slightly used, the price is negotiable.”

rare stihl ms 640
Image: Croatian marketplace

What would this go for in the US?

It’s incredibly tidy!

Hard to believe it’s even been “slightly used.”

stihl chainsaw ms640
Image: Croatian marketplace

Whoever scored this at that price did alright!

See and hear a modded MS 640 in action in the following video from @chainsaw_kosovo on Instagram.


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Sounds like a real animal!

Other comments about the 640 (which may or may not be accurate, but which seem legit):

  • John said, “MS640 is what the 064 became in countries where it was still sold when the nomenclature was changed.”
  • SawTroll said, “I believe it is a bit lighter than the 660/650, as it is based on the 064, not on the 066 with a smaller engine, as the 650 is…”
  • Jon said, “Think the 640 were just a rebadged 064; the new model 064.”

Chainsaw collector Wayne Sutton said:

I don’t have one of those… they did not bring any into our area, the MS 660 owned that market.

I do know that they were made and they are on that ever growing list of things I “need”.

In 2020, Steven said:

Have used the new MS 661 and don’t get me wrong gutsy saw but after hanging onto it all day does tent to get a bit heavy.

The 640 only a few ccs smaller but lighter.

Have had a few of the old 064s in the past and cant complain, can cut all day and hardly notice the weight.

valuable rare chainsaws
Image: Romanian marketplace

This is an example of a more heavily used MS 640.

It was listed on a Romanian online marketplace in April 2024 for 2,500 lei, which is around US $550.

The description stated, “I am selling a Stihl MS640 chainsaw, good working condition.”

examples of the stihl ms640
Image: Romanian marketplace

These 3 examples are all in the same Eastern European or Balkan regions; we haven’t seen them elsewhere.

There are very few online mentions of the STIHL MS 640 in FB groups, forums, and other places, so there are probably very few of them.

At the end of the day, it’s mostly just a tag that makes it any different from the 064, but that’s all that matters to collectors!

Check out the STIHL 500i Launch Edition for another example of a rare and unusual Stihl tag.

Let us know what you know about the MS 640 in the comments below!


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