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The most-watched chainsaw video on YouTube is titled “The World’s Most Powerful Chainsaw Stihl MS 881.”

At the time of writing, it has over 34 million views!


Here’s the video.

Released after the STIHL MS 880, the MS 881 is an epic chainsaw.

At 122 cc and 6.4 kW, it’s STIHL’s most powerful current production saw.

Is that why the video is so popular?

Other folk had the same question.

  • @cms24748 said, “30 million views?! Had no idea so many of us were into log cutting.”
  • @yannickyannick1933 said, “So many chainsaw lovers, the community is growing hard. I can feel it.”
  • @exohive5608 said, “5.2 million views in 3 weeks with 245k subs. Impressive, didn’t know there were so many people interested in power tools as well.”

And @DaFlashGuy7 said:

Men of culture, we meet here again to observe the beauty of this chainsaw work. It is a highly underrated workmanship and I’m glad to see you all here.

That must be the key. Make a good video demonstrating the best logging chainsaws, and reap the rewards.


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