KASK Tree Climbing Helmet Reviews: The SuperPlasma HD Safety Helmet

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The Kask Arborist Helmet is an ideal option for professional arborist work.

It’s one of the most popular safety helmets for tree work, including climbing, and is the first choice of many arborists around the world.

The Kask Superplasma is versatile in features, providing comfort with its non-slip rubberized inner pads, great ventilation, and Up-N-Down size adjustment system.

Of course, one of the big benefits this brand provides is that they also offer adaptable and removable eye, face, and hearing protection.

Kask SUPERPLASMA Arborist Helmet

kask superplasma hd arborist helmet user reviews


It’s essential to note that even though there are many different colors, each version of the Kask SUPERPLASMA offers the same features and benefits. 

The SUPERPLASMA HD is one of Kask’s top options for Kask climbing helmets.

Its primary advantage is that it does the job (protects your head) while keeping you comfortable. It has been designed to be easy to wear, lightweight, and is equipped with ten air intakes for cooling and ventilation.

kask tree climbing helmets
Image: @tailleurs_des_cimes

The air intake is ideal for breathability, and the ventilation system is also covered with aluminum grills to protect the helmet from elements or other debris like sawdust.

In addition, it complies with CE EN 397 and CE EN 12492 requirements, having a high-density ABS plastic shell that can withstand the majority of impacts an arborist would encounter.

Kask Safety Helmet Features

The Kask SUPERPLASMA model offers a variety of features, valuing comfort and durability.

This arborist helmet features an inner polystyrene shell for improved safety to protect your head against the elements. Its interior cushioning is made of 2DRY fabric that has been treated with Polygiene to repel odors.

Edge padding that has been twice welded provides additional comfort.

Another primary feature that is essential for any Kask visor is its straps.

The chin strap and cushion are made of eco-leather, which makes them washable, allergy-safe, and less abrasive to the skin. Additionally, it has a 4-point fastening system, which reduces the chances of your helmet falling off during impact.

Of course, besides these primary abilities, the Kask SUPERPLASMA model also offers other features.

Several of those features include the following: 

  • Formatted for Earmuffs: Another primary feature this model provides is its earmuff-fitting ability. Here, the helmet’s outer shell is equipped with two integrated slots near the ear part so earmuffs with a bayonet attachment can easily fit. 
  • Visor Attachment: Another feature this helmet offers is its Kask mirror visor attachment ability which allows you to switch out visors and customize them however you want.

Earmuffs are essential, and there are definitely some jobs that require a visor.

Pros And Cons

are kask helmets good
Image: @tailleurs_des_cimes

Now, when it comes to the Kask SUPERPLASMA model, there are several advantages to selecting this product for yourself.

For instance, since this helmet is primarily for professional-based arborist tasks, it’s versatile with its earmuff fitting and visibility and comfortable with its 2D dry features. 

It’s also important to note that due to its safety release system allows you to fasten your helmet efficiently and stabilize it.

Here are some comments from the arborist community:

  • “Kask are my favorite helmets but they don’t last long enough.”
  • “A vented Kask is my go-to – can’t stand Protos.”
  • “I like Kask, personally. Pretty light and comfortable.”
  • “I prefer the Kask super plasma. However, once you add ear protection and coms they all get heavy.”
  • “Anything from Kask is the bee’s knees.”
  • “You won’t regret a Kask super plasma high vis with smoked visor and ears.”
  • “I have Kask and have taken large logs to the head and kept chugging like it never happened. I can personally vouch for them but, yes, they do stink.”

And Luke said:

I have a Protos and Kask Super Plasma. Have to say that Kask seemed a right flap trying to get spares and there’s no getting rid of the smell, but super comfortable.

Protos is lighter, but less comfortable. Parts are easily accessible but so expensive in comparison to its market.

The downsides of the SuperPlasma, according to tree workers, are that they’re hard to clean and can end up smelling pretty bad, they’re not as comfortable as a Pfanner Protos Helmet, and it’s too hot to wear them in hot climates.

Comparison: KASK Vs Pfanner Protos Helmet

trying the pfanner protos tree worker helmet


Fortunately, aside from the Kask Safety Helmet, there are other alternatives when it comes to selecting an arborist helmet.

One primary alternative for an arborist helmet would be the Pfanner Protos Helmet.

Let’s look at how both compare. 

Joe said:

Petzel helmets are lightweight but throw some quality muffs on them and they are definitely closing in on the weight of a Protos.

Kask helmets are ok but far from comfortable and even with the vents are no cooler than a Protos.

Protos lids IMHO are light years ahead of the aforementioned brands.

The integrated hearing protection is convenient and works well, the plug and play coms work well and the safety glasses that clip in are a great addition I can’t live without. One of the best features is the full face flip down screen. Once you get use to having one it’s hard to live without.

I flip mine up and down countless times per day when chipping nasty brush or ascending into thick trees, as well as when cutting. I’ve owned them all and honestly can’t say I feel it’s hot or heavy, and it’s far more streamlined than it looks.

And as far as money goes, 300 bucks for 5 years isn’t too bad, gotta invest in your armor in this game.

Michael’s thoughts:

If going new school modern with all the extras like visor, Sena communication, ear muffs… it looks like Protos is the leader.

But if you don’t want all that, Kask Super Plasma is my go to with visor only. I use squishy ear plugs or ultra light.

There are lots of other vented suspension style helmets for hot humid days like Petzl Vertex.

On pricing, Colin shared:

Protos is great, very durable and not much more than a Petzl or Kask once you add muffs and a visor.

And regarding Kask Vs Pfanner Protos, Greg said:

Protos if you’re getting Sena. If not using Sena, then go with a Kask Super Plasma.

KASK Arborist Helmet FAQs

kask helmet accessories
Image: @tailleurs_des_cimes

Still curious about whether or not Kask SUPERPLASMA is the right helmet for you?

Below, we will review a series of frequently asked questions about Kask visor helmets and Kask helmet accessories.

Where are Kask arborist helmets produced?

The Kask Arborist helmet and other related products are produced and manufactured in Italy.

What is the average lifespan for Kask helmets?

The average lifespan for Kask Helmets lasts for up to 10 years or more before they start to weather.

However, it’s essential to maintain and clean it to strengthen its longevity. 

What else can a Kask arborist helmet be used for?

Aside from being used for forestry, arborist, and logger work, you can also wear this helmet for construction work, cycling, or trekking. 

What’s ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1 mean? 

ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1 mean a standard performance for construction helmets. It’s to ensure that they’re practical and safe to wear. 

Kask Helmets

The Kask SUPERPLASMA model is a very good option for an arborist helmet.

It’s equal in durability and versatility while being comfortable. If you want to determine if this is the right fit for you, check out these Amazon reviews.

Most arborists fall into the Protos or KASK helmet camps and usually, you need to try both before deciding which is going to be best for you.

Next up, check out our round-up of the best arborist climbing boots!


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