The Husqvarna 585 Chainsaw: How Does This 90cc Chainsaw Compare?

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The Husqvarna 585 chainsaw was announced in June 2021 and it’s expected to go on sale in March or April of 2022.

It’s a new 90cc chainsaw from Husqvarna. They also released the Husqvarna 592XP at the same time. The 585, which we’re focusing on here, is a non-XP saw, though they are both 90cc chainsaws.

Here’s what we know about the 585 and how it compares to the 592XP.

The Husqvarna 585 Chainsaw

husqvarna 585 chainsaw review

The Husqvarna 585 comes with all the latest and greatest features, including retained bar nut and starter screws. That’s a small example, but all those little improvements and benefits help, right?

Other features include:

  • Husky X-Torq engine – powerful and efficient
  • Durable for heavy-duty applications – it’s a good pro/loggers chainsaw
  • Easy to adjust carb – for those who want to get the most out of their saws
  • Excellent cutting capacity – this is a quality 90cc chainsaw
  • Reduced vibration levels – improvements upon previous Husqvarna chainsaws
  • Improved fuel efficiency – and it can be used with higher ethanol fuel levels (though I wouldn’t)
  • New X-Tough bar – good with 20 – 36″ bars
  • Service connector – for easier diagnostics at your local dealer
  • Improved lightweight muffler – contributing to overall good power to weight ratio
  • Heavy-duty air filter – a state of the art filter for improved performance
  • Best chip ejection – prevents clogging
  • Quick acceleration – they don’t come much faster
  • Felling sights – permanently molded into the chainsaw
  • Visible fuel level – saves time checking levels
  • Flip-up fuel tank caps – they’re just better

All in all, the 585 is a feature-rich chainsaw that has been designed to maximize performance for professional tree loggers and other tree workers. Everything is high spec and built with the best componentry.

The 585 is expected to be sold with an X-Cut chain and the X-Tough Light bar. More about that down below.

Husqvarna 585 Specs

However, here are the specs for a general idea:

  • 6.9 hp
  • 86 cc
  • 9,600 rpm max speed
  • 2,800 rpm idling speed
  • NGK CMR6H spark plug
  • Weight 16.5 lbs
  • 119 decibels

There can be some slight variations in the Husky 585’s specs depending on the SKU number. This can vary depending on where and when you buy the chainsaw. The main differences between prices tend to be because it’s being sold with a different length bar or different type of chain.

It’s one of the best chainsaws for loggers, arborists, fellers, search and rescue groups, disaster response teams, and other professional tree workers.

Husqvarna 585 Vs 592XP


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XP stands for extra power, and that’s what the 592XP delivers – a bit more power than the 585.

While they are both described as being 90cc chainsaws, the 585 actually has a cylinder displacement of 86 cm³, while the 592XP is 92.7 cm³.

Here are the other things you need to know:

  • 592XP is 7.6 hp while the 585 is 6.9 hp
  • 592 weighs 16.3 lbs while the 585 weighs 16.5 lbs
  • 592 has 5.87 Nm max torque, while the 585 has 5.3 Nm
  • They have the same max power speeds and vibration levels

The 592XP simply has more power, but they are both excellent chainsaws. The 585 won’t have quite as much guts, but it’s still got more guts than most chainsaws on the market.

Husqvarna 585 Reviews

Professional forester Darren Dean from British Columbia in Canada summarizes his thoughts on the 592 by stating “A workhorse for years to come.”

His other thoughts in the Husky 585 review include:

  • Great power to weight ratio
  • Very maneuverable
  • Amazingly light for such a large powerhead
  • Feels very well built and durable
  • Expects it to be very durable

In this video, you don’t get a lot of (or any) information about the 585 Husqvarna, but you can hear what it sounds like and see it in action.

There are not many 90cc chainsaws that I would want to take up a tree with me, but the lightweight nature of the 585 makes this possible.

Because these chainsaws are not actually for sale yet, there are not many reviews from those who have actually used them. Husqvarna has been lending out a few models for loggers and arborists to test, but there isn’t a lot of user feedback yet.

One of the best sources of information is this video from the official unveiling of the Husqvarna 585 and 592XP – if you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth checking out.

The Husky 585 Chainsaw

As more information becomes available on the Husky 585 chainsaw we’ll add it to this post.

For now, we just have to wait for it to be released so we can start getting some more reviews from those using it in the wild.

For those not needing such a powerful chainsaw, consider the rest of the Husqvarna chainsaw range. While the release date is early 2022 for both these new Husqvarna chainsaws, it’s likely the wait will be much longer in some parts.

There are major delays in chainsaw manufacturing and distribution around the world at the moment which aren’t likely to resolve any time soon. We can only hope the 585 price isn’t too astronomical by the time it’s available for sale.

For other high powered alternatives to these saws, check out the following:

Let us know if you have any comments or questions about any of the chainsaws mentioned in this post and we’ll get back to you asap.


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