Ukiah Crossed A Fire Pit With A Bluetooth Speaker And It’s Pretty Awesome

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Ukiah is THE Bluetooth fire pit company.

It’s exactly as it sounds; fire pits that are also Bluetooth speakers for playing music!

And while I initially thought, ‘what will they think of next?’, it is actually a pretty cool idea.

Here are the 3 different ‘fire speakers’ that are available.

Ukiah Fire Speakers

Ukiah Tailgator Fire Speaker

  • LPG fire pit with electric ignition
  • 2.1 audio system w/ two 3.5-inch speakers and one subwoofer
  • Fire with "BEAT FIRE TO MUSIC" technology
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Ukiah Note Bluetooth Fire Pit

  • 12V 100-watt sound system with Ukiah Beat to Music technology
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection with a 60-foot range
  • Includes lava rocks, magnetic lid, and 10-ft gas hose with regulator
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Ukiah Loom Music Fire Pit

  • Gas tabletop fire pit with Ukiah fire speaker tech
  • Four Modes of Music, Fire, Music and Fire and Beat Fire to Music
  • Dimension: 28" L x 9" W x 9" D
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These are not tiny units either, they’re large enough for a group to sit around at the beach or in the backyard.

Some models, like the Tailgator, can also be used with a grill attachment for cooking.

There are two generations of each of these speakers:

  • Tailgator I and Tailgator II
  • Note and Note Plus
  • Loom I and Loom II

While the first generation of each Bluetooth fire pit is still available for sale, getting the upgraded model for better sound quality and improved ‘Beat fire to the music’ tech is recommended.

The UKIAH Tailgator II is the “best” model – it’s the top-of-the-line fire pit. The audio system on the Note Plus, which is a similar style, isn’t quite as good as the Tailgator.

I found this great review of the Tailgator on YouTube.

I’ve set it up to start playing so that you can see the Beats To The Music feature – that’s what everyone wants to see, right?

The dancing fire is pretty cool.

At first, it seemed a bit gimmicky but it does work quite well. Watching and dancing along to it on a dark night would be fun.

I imagine it doesn’t work very well in the wind – you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the effect as much. Also, it’s good you can switch the feature off as it would be annoying on certain occasions.

You can use it as a regular portable propane fire pit as well, the music doesn’t have to be going all the time.

All of the Ukiah Music Fire Pits have a decent Bluetooth range of around 60 feet. The audio quality varies from fire pit to fire pit, but it’s not bad by any means.

The Loom Fire Pit Speaker is good to sit on top of a table making it a good alternative to a regular fire pit table.

If you’ve already got the perfect table and chairs for a fire pit why not grab something like this to set down on top?

As with all of these fire pits, the Loom is a gas fire pit with electric ignition – this just means you switch it on with the click of a button.

Propane and LPG fire pits are good because you don’t have to worry about collecting wood. Nor do you have to continually feed the fire. You just connect it to your gas tank and away you go.

The downside, however, is that you have an ugly gas tank within the vicinity of your fire pit. The UKIAH fire pits have a gas hose that is about 10 feet long, so you can’t really hide it away.

Having the tank so close to the fire pit isn’t a real danger as long as you operate the fire pit by the book, but it’s just the aesthetic of it. Fire pit tables and conversation sets with fire pits often hide the gas tank inside the table which is the way to go in my opinion.

Ukiah Fire Pit Review


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Ukiah Fire Pits are a pretty fun idea and are great for those who like the latest innovative tech devices.

They also have many other models besides the 3 best-sellers we’ve featured here.

Other models include:

  • Evoke – beats to music and lightshow fire pit
  • Loom X – portable fire pit
  • Cascade – audio fire pit
  • Voyager – beats to music 2.0 and 2.1
  • Relic – 2.1 fire pit speaker

They are a little bit gimmicky and unnecessary, but sometimes we need a little bit of that in our lives. Friends and family are sure to think it’s awesome.

And while I’d love to receive one of these as a gift, I probably wouldn’t buy one.

Personally, I prefer wood-burning smokeless fire pits like the Solo Stove. I like the smell of smoke and the crackle of fire when sitting around a flame. 


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