There Is A Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace For Every Home And Garden

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So, you’ve got your eye on a Sunjoy outdoor fireplace?

Sunjoy has at least 5 different outdoor fireplaces and many more fire pits for sale. They range in price from under $100 for their cheaper fire pits and go all the way up to over $2000 for their largest outdoor fireplace.

Any outdoor fireplace, no matter the price, is fantastic for creating atmosphere, warmth, and light in a backyard. Having a fire will add something really special to your home.

Best Sunjoy Outdoor Fireplace

Sunjoy Atticus Wood Burning Fireplace

  • The largest and best selling Sunjoy fireplace
  • Chimney, storage, fireplace doors
  • 385.81 lbs
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Sunjoy Smith Outdoor Fireplace

  • A smaller outdoor fireplace with chimney
  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated steel
  • 113.5 lbs
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Sunjoy Outdoor Fire Pits

  • A wide range of fire pit shapes, sizes, styles
  • Concrete, stone, copper, steel, cast iron, and more
  • From small to large
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The Sunjoy brand has been selling great outdoor heating products for years and they have a ton of happy customers out there.

They started selling outdoor furniture and other goods from metal, stone, wicker, and wood, all the way back in 2001.

Whatever outdoor furniture you might be looking for along with a fireplace, head on over to their website to see the selection.

PRO TIP: Sign up to their email list here to get 10% OFF your first purchase from their site.

Alternatively, view their range of outdoor heating options on Amazon.

Here is everything you need to know about their 5 of their best outdoor fireplace offerings.

1. Sunjoy Atticus Wood Burner

Sunjoy Edwin Stone 26 in. Round Wood Burning Firepit, Brown and Gray


The Sunjoy Atticus Wood Burning Fireplace is Sunjoy’s largest and most feature-rich outdoor fire.

You can buy it on Amazon or on Sunjoy’s website here – compare the two to grab the best price (you might also be able to get an additional 10% OFF by signing up to Sunjoy’s email list).

Here are the features of the Atticus Fireplace:

  • Manufactured stone surround
  • Copper and black steel chimney with bronze highlights
  • Dimensions: 81.5″ long x 24.02″ wide x 48.03″ high
  • The doors have a screen for spark protection
  • Has a removable grate
  • Easy access to tend to the fire
  • Weighs 385 pounds
  • Fireplace tool included

One of the best things about this type of fire compared to fire pits is that the smoke is directed upwards. It can’t just go in whatever direction it wants (which is often into your face)!

The storage areas to the sides are good for holding wood for the fire and other decorative items.

I love the large area for lighting a fire – you are not limited to a tiny insignificant fire with this unit as you are with some. You can build a generous fire that will really set a scene.

This fire also looks great from all sides, so you won’t need to install it with its back against a wall or anything like that.

Here are some Sunjoy outdoor fireplace reviews.

Ron said:

A great, good looking product. Arrived well packaged on a wooden pallet where all but one piece can be removed by a single person. The large central stone faced chamber is easily handled by two persons. Assembly is simple.

We placed ours in an open area and the rear of the fireplace can be seen. The rear portion looks good too as it is completely finished in stone. A big improvement over the firepit it replaced. Unlike the firepit, smoke is channeled up and away from people and heat is directed in a single direction.

Found that fires are easily started – assisted by the chimney draft action. One word of caution – I recommend not storing wood directly underneath the chamber as some pictures show. I had observed an ember escape from the bottom pan and land underneath in that space – potentially igniting things beneath.

Assembly is easy and most of the work of setup can be done by a single person.

Ron also mentions the benefit of a fireplace over a firepit – the smoke is directed up and away while the heat is directed outward.

Patrick said:

I ordered the Sunjoy Atticus Wood Burning Fireplace and was a little hesitant purchasing such a large item via Amazon sight unseen but couldn’t be happier with my purchase. It really does look better in person than in the pictures. It is very classy.

After seeing outdoor fireplaces at landscaping centers and their cost of at least 2x this product this seems like a good value. The product should hold up for many years as it is built very well. It arrived very well packaged and protected … I mean really well packaged!

The assembly is very straight forward as there are very few actual parts to this product. There are only 6 steps and if you can turn a screwdriver then you can assemble this. I would highly recommend having another able bodied adult to move it to its final destination as it is heavy.

I look forward to using this quite a bit!

Another happy camper with their Sunjoy Atticus Outdoor Fireplace, though it comes with a word of warning about the weight.

This Sunjoy outdoor fireplace looks great, helps keep things tidy, and can put out a decent amount of heat. It’s functional and practical.

2. Sunjoy Heirloom Slate Copper Outdoor Fireplace

sunjoy black steel outdoor wood-burning fireplace


The so-called ‘Heirloom Slate Copper Outdoor Fireplace’ is another fantastic option from Sunjoy.

Features of this Sunjoy Fireplace include:

  • In the natural stone style ceramic tile
  • As before, also has a rust-resistant powder-coated steel chimney
  • Dimensions: 35.43″ by 23.62″ by 56.69″
  • Two doors with screen for spark protection
  • Removable grate for easy cleaning
  • Weighs 113.54 pounds

It’s a smaller option for those with a little less space or for those wanting a more subtle fireplace.

There is a decent amount of room to build a significant fire that will put out a decent amount of heat and light.

About this small fireplace, Daisy said:

We have been looking for an outdoor fireplace and this Sunjoy Heirloom Slate Wood Burning Fireplace filled that need. It arrived in a pretty big box. Unpacking was easy, it is packed with a lot of styrofoam and protective plastic.

Clear concise instructions, all hardware needed to put it together, and a little tool are all included. We did use our own tools to put it together. The total time to put together was around 45 minutes.

The chimney just sits on the top without being bolted down. The heaviest part is the bottom. While it seemed a bit flimsy at first, when you get it all together and all the bolts tightened, it really is very sturdy. The measurements are true. The back is solid and keeps the hear near the front. It is a joy to open the front door, load the wood, light the fire, and close the doors. If you have kids, the doors have a latch.

It is so cozy to sit around and watch the smoke go out the top.

This fireplace is cheaper than the previous model and has also been well-reviewed by buyers.

3. Sunjoy 40-inch Fire Pit Table

sunjoy gas fire pit


The Sunjoy 40 in. Rectangle Smokeless Fire Pit Table is a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor area.

Its design features a light gray ceramic tile tabletop on a dark brown powder-coated steel frame, combining warmth, comfort, and elegance. This fire pit table is not only a beautiful garden or patio accessory but also a practical one, with an easy-to-use electric ignition and adjustable knob to control flame size.

It’s ideal for various outdoor settings, offering a cozy atmosphere for gatherings, dining, or simply relaxing under the stars. The table measures 40″ x 22″ x 24.8″ and weighs 88.2 lbs, making it a perfect centerpiece for family and friends to enjoy.

This fire pit table is designed for convenience and safety. It includes an easy access door for hiding a propane tank (not included), and built-in storage space for tank concealment.

The table comes with a protective lid, allowing it to be converted into an outdoor table when not in use as a fire pit, and includes natural lava rocks for even heat distribution.

The combination of its easy assembly, adjustable fire control, and dual function as a fire pit and table makes it an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor living spaces.


  1. Detailed instructions make assembly straightforward
  2. Sturdy and well-made design, often with no rusty parts
  3. Good heat output, even on windy days, suitable for cooler evenings
  4. Aesthetic appeal enhances outdoor settings like pool backyards and gazebos
  5. Dual functionality as both a fire pit and a table
  6. Propane use eliminates smoke, making it more environmentally friendly
  7. Stone top and overall design add to its visual appeal
  8. Rounded edges provide safety, especially for families with children
  9. Competitive pricing and good value for the quality offered


  1. Missing parts in some packages, requiring customer service contact and waiting for replacements
  2. Assembly can be confusing, with the possibility of installing parts incorrectly
  3. Some units had issues with propane connections or required extra effort to start
  4. Long waiting times for customer service responses and parts delivery
  5. A few instances of stripped holes during assembly
  6. Lack of a protective cover for when the fire pit is not in use

4. Stone Wood Burning Firepit

manufactured stone fire pit


The Edwin Stone Firepit is a wood-burning fire pit made of manufactured stone.

What is manufactured stone, you might ask?

It’s molded concrete that has been colored and shaped to appear like natural stone. It’s generally pretty heavy (as concrete is) so this fire pit may require a couple of people to move around.

Here are the details:

  • Brown and gray manufactured stone
  • Black mesh screen for safety
  • Dimensions: 26.18″ diameter x 18.11″ high
  • Weighs: 28.66 pounds
  • Fireplace tool included

This model has been the most popular in the Sunjoy outdoor fireplace range.

It’s straightforward to use, does what it’s meant to, and lasts well in the elements.

Check out these other backyard fire pit design ideas along with other stone and concrete fire pits for sale.

5. Sunjoy Copper/Steel Outdoor Fire Pits

beautiful outdoor wood fire pit


The 30″ Aniya Patio Fire Pit is an elegant and practical addition for backyard gatherings.

Its distinctive woven pattern not only enhances its visual appeal but also improves ventilation for better burning. The rust-resistant, powder-coated steel construction ensures durability, while the included fire poker and mesh screen add convenience and safety, limiting sparks and embers.

This fire pit features a deep and spacious bowl, perfect for larger fires, with a diameter of 21.65 inches and a height of 11.02 inches. Its heavy-duty design is complemented by a safety circle handle for easy maneuvering and protection from burns.

The combination of its stylish rustic appearance, functional design, and comprehensive safety features makes it an ideal choice for enhancing the outdoor living experience.


  1. Easy to assemble with clear instructions and included tools
  2. Attractive design, especially the tree motif, enhances outdoor aesthetics
  3. Large basin and mesh cover ensure safe containment of fire
  4. Rust-resistant finish, suitable for outdoor use
  5. Portable, making it versatile for use in different locations
  6. Woven texture allows light penetration and heat dissipation
  7. Convenient for cooking, with a ring for skewers
  8. Quick and easy cleanup, facilitated by water drains


  1. Some units arrived with warped pieces or scuffs and scratches
  2. Issues with delivery and delayed receipt for some customers
  3. Instances of rust forming on previously scuffed areas after use
  4. May require an extra set of hands for easier assembly
  5. Cleanup can be challenging due to ash clogging up under wood risers

Sunjoy Fireplace

These Sunjoy Fireplaces would make an excellent addition to any courtyard or other outdoor space.

Keep warm and toasty on any evening, be it winter, spring, summer, or fall. The great thing is that it’s never inappropriate to light up an outdoor fireplace.

If none of these fireplaces is your style – which they won’t be for some people – have you heard of Chimeneas?

They are a traditional Mexican/Spanish type of fireplace that is worth looking into as well. Alternatively, check out our complete review of the best outdoor fireplaces!


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