MTD Log Splitter Review: Specs, Features, Where To Find The Cheapest Parts

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I’ve recently been using an MTD Log Splitter and have found it to be pretty good!

It’s my neighbor’s and we’ve been getting through a fair amount of firewood with it. He bought it over a decade ago and paid around $1200 for it.

MTD Wood Splitters are no longer being produced but you can still find them for sale secondhand and parts are very easy to find.

MTD Firewood Splitter

MTD Log Splitters

  • Many different MTD splitter models
  • Vertical and horizontal operation
  • Cheap and easy to use
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MTD Splitter Parts

  • Parts are easy to find
  • Hoses, pins, nuts, rams, springs, wedges
  • Decks, bolts, washes, filters, etc
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Alternative Wood Splitters

  • Tractor Supply: Countryline, Earthquake, Greenpower, DK2, Sun Joe
  • Nothern Tool: Champion, Powerhouse, NorthStar, Ironton
  • All sizes
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I’m not sure the exact model of the MTD Splitter that I have been using (I do know it’s a good 20-ton log splitter), but it’s one of their units that can be used both vertically and horizontally.

However, the vertical use feature isn’t great because you basically have to end up sitting on the ground. For that reason, we only use it in the horizontal position.

mtd log splitter
The MTD 20 Log Splitter

A big downside of the MTD Splitters is that they don’t come with a table to rest wood on.

A tabletop splitter is really good to help with ease of use.

My neighbor added one onto his machine which you can see in this next image.

20 ton wood splitter
MTD Splitter with table top

It holds a significant amount of weight as well and makes using the machine so much easier.

The table also makes splitting firewood a lot quicker because you can load up and rest logs within your work zone.

The other thing he added to the unit was an additional leg – the black one on the right.

That’s because with the addition of the table the machine could become unbalanced when loaded with wood.

best mid-sized log splitter
Dislodges wood from the splitting wedge

These Log Splitters from MTD have plenty of features that make using them a bit easier compared to other brands.

For example, you can see the ‘Log Dislodger’ in this image.

When the ram pulls back if there is still a log stuck on the end this adaption will knock it loose.

how to use mtd log splitter
The operation side

The control lever on this unit is used to shift the ram and wedge forward to split the wood and then used to bring it back.

It has a neutral position that allows you to pause at whatever stage of the cycle you’re at.

Some of these machines were recalled in 2009:

Hazard: The control handle of the log splitter could fail to automatically return to the neutral position as it should and could fail to stop the splitting wedge from moving forward, posing a risk of amputation to consumers’ hands and fingers.

I’m not sure if this unit was included in the recall, but it certainly hasn’t had any of these issues – though always something to be conscious of!

MTD Log Splitter Specs And Features

mtd log splitter recall
Briggs & Stratton engine

As far as I know, all MTD Log Splitters have gas engines – they didn’t make any electric log splitters.

The engines are reliable Briggs & Stratton and will last decades with the right care (I have a 30-year-old lawn mower with one of these engines that is still going strong).

This machine is a 20-ton splitter, but MTD also had:

  • 25-ton log splitter
  • 22-ton log splitter
  • 27-ton log splitter

They have ball coupler hitches and can be towed without trouble on roads.

MTD Log Splitter Parts

mtd yard machine log splitter
MTD yard machine log splitter

One of the big benefits of buying an MTD Log Splitter is that they are easy to find parts for – it seems like everyone sells them.

Buy MTD Splitter parts:

Sears Parts Direct is one of the best retailers to find all kinds of parts from replacement wedges, hose lines, and even factory nuts and bolts.

MTD Log Splitter Review

MTD Products owns a number of brands that make and sell log splitters.

This includes:

  • Troy Bilt
  • Yard Machines

Therefore, you will sometimes find that parts are the same or similar and that the overall design is also similar.

They also own outdoors brands like Remington Chainsaws and McCulloch (another chainsaw brand).

If you see an MTD Log Splitter for sale, I’d say go for it if it’s the right price and has been looked after. They made good machines that perform well.

The machine is a little slow compared to newer, higher-priced machines, but other than that, it’s a decent splitter.

I’ve been using it to split very hard and dry gum and it’s been no problem at all for this machine.

If buying a used model, remember to ask if it was returned for repairs after the recall notice in 2009, and if not, look into that or get it checked out first.

If MTD Splitters are not your thing, check out these top log splitters on Tractor Supply Co.!


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