Limbinator Hydraulic Limbsaw Review: A Tree Limb Saw For Tractors

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The Limbinator Limb Saw takes tree trimming and pruning to a whole new level.

This tool connects to the auxiliary hydraulic hookup on your tractor for power and allows you to prune high in the trees. The saw is fast and effective at pruning, and you do so while sitting safely in your tractor.

It’s a big step up from regular pole saws and will keep you from having to climb up trees or ladders with a top handle chainsaw.

The Limbinator is available for sale at Nothern Tool or on Amazon.

Limbsaw Company

hydraulic limb saw

The Limbinator is to be used with a tractor or excavator, meaning it’s primarily designed for farm and ranch use.

The unit attaches to the hydraulic system of the tractor and allows access to branches high up in the trees.

It has a 20-inch bar on it, making it suitable for pruning significant-sized limbs.

It can only be used to cut vertically, not horizontally, so it is exclusively a limb saw. You won’t be able to completely cut down trees with this equipment.

Benefits of this hydraulic saw for tractors include:

  • You can work from the safety of your cab
  • No noise as it uses the hydraulic system rather than a gas engine
  • Much faster than pruning trees with a chainsaw

Another benefit is that you don’t need to use chainsaw bar oil – the saw utilizes the hydraulic oil from your tractor (flow can be adjusted) saving you time on filling up a smaller tank so often.

There are some cons that we’ll get into below, but here’s a video of the Limbinator in action.

Taken from the description below this video:

The Limbinator was developed by Frank Casey and a neighbor who wanted a better way to look after 500 Pecan trees. The 8-foot-long saw can reach as high as 20 feet when it is attached to a front-end loader on a tractor or skid steer.

Aside from being convenient to cut off high tree limbs, it is of course much safer to operate when compared to a chain saw. It only weighs 86 pounds and its hydraulic motor only requires a flow of 7 gallons per minute.

It is an exciting chainsaw innovation for those with a significant number of trees to prune.

Limbinator Specs

limbsaw user reviews


The Limbsaw should only be used by those competent and confident in the operation of such machinery.

Working with saws pruning branches at great height comes with serious risks, which can be mitigated through proper use.

Limbsaw specs:

  • 86 lbs
  • 20-inch bar
  • 0.325 chain pitch
  • 5000 RPM
  • 12.5 horsepower
  • Steel wedge
  • Self-oiling system

One other good feature is that the chain direction can be reversed, which may help with getting the bar out of a pinch.

The Limbinator also comes with a 1-year limited warranty, be please check the specific details, terms, and conditions with your chosen retailer (some may only offer 6-months).

Limbsaw Review

The Limbsaw is a good buy for many farmers and hobby farm owners as a way to save time on tree pruning.

All it requires is a tractor with a minimum 7gpm hydraulic oil flow rate, but otherwise, most tractors will be suitable.

You will also likely need to purchase couplers and additional hoses for connecting the unit, but this will depend on your current setup.

Here are two Limbsaw reviews from different ends of the spectrum (from the review section here on Northern Tool).

Positive review:

limbsaw pros and cons

Negative review:

tractor limb saw

So you can see some have had really good experiences and those who are still working things out.

Overwhelmingly, however, the reviews of the Limbinator Limbsaw are very positive.


  • One of the fastest ways to prune tree limbs
  • Safer than alternative methods of limbing
  • Very fast and effective operation
  • Able to reach greater heights than with a regular saw
  • Self oiling system


  • Falling limbs can damage the tractor
  • Saw can become pinched and be difficult to extract
  • Easy to damage saw when not used carefully/correctly
  • Can be difficult to set up
  • You’ve got to find somewhere to store it

Setting Up The Limbinator

This video is a good guide on how to set up and use the Limbinator limb saw.

There is a bit of a learning curve to this tool – both in setting it up and then using it – but once you’ve done it a couple of times it becomes a lot easier.

Thankfully there are a lot of good videos on how to get it going.

The Limbinator is a good way to prune branches without needing to use ladders or climb trees and helps you to stay out of the way of falling branches.

It is expensive, costing more than even the most expensive Stihl chainsaws, but, for most, this is more than made up by the time savings.

You can prune so many more branches in a day using this tool compared to a regular chainsaw.

Let us know your questions and thoughts on the Limbinator down below.


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