Husqvarna 65 Chainsaw: “Runs Like A Champ”

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The 65cc Husqvarna A65 was first released in 1966. It was the first Husqvarna chainsaw designed entirely by the company, unlike earlier Husqvarna chainsaws which were reproductions.

The Husqvarna B65, E65, G65, and L65 are other versions of the chainsaw – we’ll share the differences below. The Husqvarna 65R Clearing Saw and 65K Power Cutter (not chainsaws) also use the same basic model design and were released in 1968.⁣

Current Husqvarna 65 prices on eBay.

Husqvarna 65 Versions

husqvarna 65 age years made
Image: @oldchainsaw_club_skunk

The best information on the different Husqvarna 65 versions is in this thread in the Chainsaw Collectors forum, titled “Husqvarna 65, Deep research…”

Magnus, the admin, shares the following (edited slightly from the original):

  • 1963-64 [Husqvarna 65] development started.
  • In the fall of 1964, Ulf Näslund got it on his desk as he was the chief engineer of the chainsaw side.
  • A couple of changes were made that lowered the center of weight and other things.
  • It got out and was tested and series production started with the first sale in February 1966.
  • The first version out was A65 in 1966. They have the tag under the bar cover on the casing.
  • The second version was B65 in 1969. They have a tag on the case beside the muffler outlet and just the serial number. Rubber was added to the front handle as well as rubbers between the case and handle to reduce vibrations.
  • The third was E65 in 1970. Also with a tag beside the muffler and just the serial number. This is the version that a Bing Carb in sometimes found on. It’s the first version with a knuckle guard mounted on the handle in production. It had a “light bar” and 3/8 chain as standard.
  • The fourth version was G65 in 1971 First version with a Kokill casted cylinder. The serial number is on tag above the refill caps. These also have antivibration buffers on the handle.
  • The Fifth (and final) version was L65 in 1972. The machines were sent to the Tomos factory in Yugoslavia and production continued there.
  • I think all L65s were Export saws with round tags on the starter. The serial number is on the tag above the refill caps.
Image:; Ulf Näslund Husqvarna 65 engineer

Other informative comments from the thread:

  • “The last L65s produced had a chain brake.”
  • “The Husqvarna 77 is bigger brother to the 65. Same saw but with a larger bore.”
  • “I found that there are two main models for 65/77. At one time they changed the gas and oil reservoir. The middle wall that divides gas and oil is horizontal in earlier models. Later they positioned it vertically so the gas does not have direct contact to the crankcase area. The problem with the first variant is that gasoline overheats in warmer weather. In my country, the first models were great for the winter season.”
    • “I think it was only 65A that has the earlier, actually better design with two walls between tanks and liquids. The boiling tanks were from vibrations, not heat. Later they isolated carbs better and this helped more than moving the oil tank.”

And towards the end of the thread, Magnus has more info:

Differences in B65 and E65 are described in the following document: “Husqvarna 65 now in two variations”

1 January 1970 a law here was taken into effect that there had to be some sort of safety handle if the saw was to be sold. These handles were on some saws earlier as well.

B65 and E65 are basically the same saw with a few differences:

  • The handle on B65 is with plastic, and the E65 is just an aluminum pipe.
  • The B65 has by handle mount as the. E65 has not.
  • B65 is delivered with dawg/spikes, but E65 is not.
  • B65 has the Light bar with plastic from Stridsberg or bar with sprocket nose from Sandvik.
  • B65 is with 3/8 Chain, the chain on E65 is .404.
  • B65 has Tillotson HS-27, E65 have both Tillotson HS27-D or Bing

A lot of discussion revolves around where the Husqvarna 65 was made. It seems likely that they were first made in Sweden but that L65 production was shifted to the Tomos Factory in Yugoslavia.

Husqvarna 65 Legacy

1966 husqvarna chainsaw
Image: @husqvarnausa

Husqvarna has shared the story of the 65 in their anniversary celebrations:

Launched in February 1966, the Husqvarna 65 was a breakthrough in chainsaw development.

By putting the center of gravity closer to the handles, the weight of the bar could be reduced- increasing maneuverability while remaining very powerful and reliable.

husqvarna 65 clearing saw
The Husqvarna 65R Clearing Saw

And in another post, they shared:

After its introduction in February 1966 [the Husqvarna 65] quickly became the loggers favorite.

Weight reduction due to a plastic inlay in the bar and a composite rear handle together with the narrow design and well-placed handle provided superb handling comfort.

After the success with 65A the forestry industry asked for a good clearing saw that could be coordinated with this chainsaw regarding service and spare parts. ​

husqvarna 65 k power cutter
The Husqvarna 65K Power Cutter

So, this chainsaw model was used as a basic design for two other products that Husqvarna released in 1968. The clearing saw model 65R was not only the first clearing saw from Husqvarna it was also the first ever with vibration dampening. In the same year Husqvarna made their first power cutter, 65K. In other words, the 65A came to result in two new product categories whereof one today is an entire corporate division within Husqvarna AB.

The Husqvarna company has a long and rich history, and the 65 plays a special part.

Reviews And Price

The Husqvarna 65 is well-reviewed by users. It’s a saw that’s popular with collectors but is still commonly used by guys for firewood as well.

Here are some user comments from the Husqvarna FB group:

  • “Those run pretty well. I’ve had a few and used one for years for firewood with a 24” bar.”
  • “I have a 65 and a 77 I bought new, they are strong.”
  • “I was handed down my Grandpa’s Husky 65 with a 24” bar. Went through and cleaned it up. Changed all the fuel lines. Runs like a champ.”
  • “The first Husky I ever owned. Started the 1st pull even in the winter.”
  • “My favorite saw of all time. Chain speed is a bit on the slow side but one hell of a machine to pull a chain.”

And Pierre said:

I have at least five L65s and a 77. I also have one with a break.

These saws were originally developed on paper in 1963 and put into the woods in 1965, this is when the forest became “orange” and the saws lasted until the early 1980s. The one I use for old school cutting days twice a year starts better then my 550xp by the way, and it’s over 45 years old! You can get decals if you want.

Everyone wants to know what these are worth as well, but it really depends on condition and location. They sell from $50 to $500.

The current eBay listings include almost unused 65s, well-used 65s, and more parts than you might expect for a saw of this age.

Specs And Features

Husqvarna 65 Specifications
Year introduced: 1968
Engine displacement: 65cc (4.0 cu. in.)
Number of cylinders: 1
Cylinder bore: 48mm (1.89 in.)
Piston stroke: 36mm (1.417 in.)
Cylinder type: Chrome plated aluminum
Intake method: Piston ported
Manufacturer advertised H.P.: 3.6 NSTI
Weight: 7.0kg with 38cm bar & chain; 15.4 lbs. with 15 in. bar & chain
Operator configuration: One Man operation
Chain brake: none
Clutch: Centrifugal
Drive type: Direct
Construction: Die-cast magnesium
Magneto type: Bosch or Stefa
Carburetor: Tillotson HS-27, HS-123A
Major repair kit: RK-23HS
Minor repair kit: DH-5HS/T
Air filter system: Nylon mesh screen element
Starter type: Husqvarna automatic rewind
Oil pump: Automatic
Maximum engine RPM: 8,000
Breaker point setting: 0.3 to 0.4 mm (0.012 to 0.016 in.)
Flywheel/coil air gap: Position is fixed
Spark plug type: Bosch WKA 175 T 36
Spark plug gap: 0.5mm (.020 in.)
Crankshaft main bearings: Ball
Fuel tank capacity: 0.7 litre (1-1/4 Imp. pint)
Fuel oil ratio: 25:1
Recommended fuel octane: Regular
Mix oil specification: 2-cycle chain saw mix oil
Chain pitch: 3/8 in.
Chain type: Chipper
Bar mount pattern: 17 link
Shortest guide bar supplied: 32 cm (13 in.)
Longest guide bar supplied: 71 cm ( 28 in.)
Color scheme: Husqvarna Orange enamel

Some specs will likely vary between models/versions.

Husqvarna 65 Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 65 is a special antique chainsaw that has the title of the first-ever Husqvarna-designed chainsaw, and for that reason, it is sought after by collectors. However, it’s not extraordinarily rare – the ex-army Husqvarna 281 XP is harder to find, for example.

The fact that the chainsaw design was also used as the base of other tools is also unusual. It reminds us of the STIHL 015 which also had non-chainsaw versions. Let us know your experiences with the 65 in the comment section below!


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