59 BEST Chainsaw Memes, Funny Pictures, And Chainsaw Jokes

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Here are 192 of the best chainsaw memes, jokes, puns, and funny pictures. But let’s be honest, it’s the memes you came for, and it’s memes you’re going to get.

We didn’t make them, we just collected them. Feel free to steal and redistribute them as you have need. Let us know in the comment section at the end which were your favorites.

Chainsaw Memes



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Chainsaw Jokes And Puns

Why did the chainsaw go to school?

To improve its cutting edge!

Why did the tree refuse to play cards with the chainsaw?

It was afraid of getting a bad cut!

Why did the chainsaw file a police report?

It was assaulted by tree huggers!

Why don’t chainsaws work well in software development?

They keep causing byte errors!

Why did the chainsaw break up with the lawnmower?

It was tired of being the one to always cut things short!

Why did the chainsaw go to therapy?

It had too many issues cutting to the heart of the matter!

How did the chainsaw comfort its friend?

“Don’t worry, we’ll get through this. I’m an expert at cutting through problems!”

Why did the chainsaw go to the barber shop?

It wanted to learn how to give a closer shave!

How did the chainsaw get promoted?

It made the cut!

Why was the chainsaw invited to the picnic?

Because it was great at slicing bread!

A man goes into a hardware store and asks about different chainsaws. The salesman recommends a particular model, saying, “This chainsaw can cut down five trees in an hour.”

The man thinks this sounds great, buys the chainsaw, and goes home to try it out. However, he returns the next day and says, “That chainsaw was terrible! I could only cut down one tree in an hour!”

The salesman takes the chainsaw, starts it up to see if there’s a problem, and the man asks in surprise, “What’s that noise?”

The Best Chainsaw Meme

So which is your favorite chainsaw meme?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you were looking for funny chainsaw pictures, I hope you found what you were looking for. Most of these gave us a little chuckle!

Next up, check out these awesome chainsaw tattoos – though please don’t get the Stihl or Husqvarna logo tattooed on your body!


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