Pot Belly Stove Ideas: Modern, Antique, Cast Iron, Indoor, Outdoor, Small, And Large

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Pot belly stoves are wonderful heating appliances for the right homes.

As with all things, pot belly stoves come in different styles, types, and finishes. You can buy cheap, new pot bellies, very expensive antique pot bellies, or everything in between.

We have a list of old pot belly stoves worth perusing if you want to understand the different options. In this post, we’re sharing a few of the best new stoves for sale today.

Pot Belly Stove Reviews

Railroad Pot Belly Coal Stove

  • NEW cast iron pot belly modelled after old railroad stoves
  • 8" lift out cook lid for adding coal
  • Easy access ash door for removal
View On Tractor SupplyView On Amazon

Antique Pot Belly Stoves

  • Large variety of vintage and antique stoves
  • Coal and wood burning stoves
  • Ensure it's a complete pot belly before buying
View On EbayView On Etsy

Small Pot Belly Stove

  • Not a traditional pot belly, but a modern take
  • 3 kw, 4 kw, and 5 kw versions
  • Great for cabins, tiny houses, RVs, etc.
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First, consider the size of the space you want to heat and any specific features you would like on a new pot-belly stove.

For example, some are better for cooking on top of than others; old pot belly stoves tend to have more decorative and ornate features than newer models; and some are small, while others are quite large.

Most importantly, decide whether you would rather burn coal or wood. Some pot belly stoves are exclusively one or the other, while others are multi-fuel.

1. Railroad Potbelly Coal Stove 1869

us stove Railroad Potbelly Coal Stove 1869


The US Stove Railroad Potbelly Coal Stove is a replica of the classic potbelly stoves that were once in almost every home, school, and business in the United States.

These stoves were iconic symbols of the American Industrial Revolution and were vital in keeping people warm during winter. The Railroad Potbelly Coal Stove is a tribute to these classic stoves.

It features the same design elements that made the originals so popular. The stove is made from cast iron for durability,  has a large firebox, and also features an ash pan with a shake grate system for easy cleaning.

Not everyone wants a coal-burning stove, but this option is worth investigating for those who do.

2. Antique Cast Iron Pot Belly Stoves

where to buy vintage pot belly stoves


Looking for a unique addition to your home?

Check out antique pot belly wood-burning stoves on eBay. These stoves were once common in homes across America, and they offer a touch of history and charm.

Many of the antique pot belly stoves on eBay are over 100 years old and come in various styles and sizes. 

Whether you’re looking for a small stove to use as a decoration or a larger one that you can cook on, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on eBay. And because these stoves are usually cast iron, they’re built to last.

3. Small Stove: The Dwarf 5kw

tinywoodstove.com review


When it comes to wood stoves, the bigger the better, right?

Not necessarily.

The Dwarf 5kw from Tiny Wood Stove is perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a wood stove without it taking up too much space.

This little stove packs a punch, with a 5kw output suited for heating a small, non-residential space like a cabin or RV.  The stove’s large firebox and simple construction make it easy to operate, and its large glass door ensures a clear view of the fire.

The Dwarf 5kw also features an efficient heat exchange system that maximizes heat output without compromising safety. Its cast-iron door and firebox aid durability and heat retention.

Check out our complete review of the Dwarf wood-burning stoves for more info.


A pot belly stove is a type of free-standing wood-burning stove that is typically used for heating.

These stoves are usually oval or round in shape, with a bulbous belly that sticks out from the rest of the stove. Because of their unique shape and design, pot belly stoves have become quite popular as decorative and functional pieces in homes nationwide. 

Pot belly stoves were first introduced in the early 1800s and quickly became popular thanks to their efficiency and affordability.

The design of pot-belly stoves allows them to burn fuel more slowly and evenly than other types of stoves, making them ideal for use in homes and businesses.

By the mid-19th century, dozens of companies were manufacturing pot-belly stoves, which could be found in homes and businesses across the country.

As new wood stove technologies emerged, pot belly stoves began to fall out of favor in the early 20th century. Central heating became increasingly common, and more modern appliances gradually replaced pot belly stoves.

Wood And Coal Pot Belly Stoves

While pot belly stoves fell out of favor in the 20th century, they are now making a comeback as people look for ways to add character to their homes. These stoves are now available in various materials, including cast iron, steel, and ceramic. 

Thanks to technological advances, today’s pot belly stoves are much more efficient than their predecessors. If you’re looking for a unique way to heat your home or something to put in an empty fireplace, a pot belly stove may be just what you’re looking for.


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