5 MOST Efficient Log Burners For Sheds And Cabins: Small Stoves For UK Sheds

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Searching ‘best log burner for shed’?

Log burners, such as the Ekol Apple Pie, make a great addition to a shed that wants to enjoy a natural heat source like wood, but if you want to keep the budget down, there are plenty of cheaper options.

For this round up of shed wood stoves, we’re focusing on the UK. We’ve got US alternatives, but if you’re shopping for a shed, RV, or tiny home wood stove in the US, you’d be better off checking out our round-up of the best small wood stoves here.

Here are our top picks for ‘log burner for shed’ in the United Kingdom!

Small Stove For Sheds

Pipsqueak Wood Stove

  • A basic tiny wood stove from the UK
  • Output: 10,000 BTUs; Area: under 300 sq. ft.
  • Fewer bells and whistles
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Lincsfire Eco Design Wood Stove

  • A small cast iron log burner
  • 31 x 37 x 52 centimetres
  • Heat output: 4.2KW
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Ekol Apple Pie Stove For Sheds

  • High quality customizable wood stove
  • Airwash system for clean glass
  • Order with everything you need
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Go Eco Cabin Stove

  • Heavy duty steel and cast iron construction
  • A+ energy rating
  • Great for sheds and cabins
View On Direct Stoves (UK)Best Alternative (US)

Small Shed Stove

  • One of the cheapest wood stoves for sheds
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with stove pipes, chimney caps, etc
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There are many options, so narrow them down by making key decisions about what you need. Determine the best heat output in kW, usually 3-8. Next, decide how you want the log burner to look, classic or modern.

Do you want a big viewing window? Finally, do you plan to install it to provide heat only, or do you plan to cook with it as well?

Making these choices will help to narrow down the log burner options.

Also, make sure you’re aware of local ordinances or regulations when it comes to installing and running one of these small shed wood stoves. Different counties, countries, or states will have different rules.

1. The Pipsqueak Shed Wood Stove

tiny wood stove with back vent

  • Height: 440mm
  • Depth: 380mm
  • Width: 310mm
  • Output: 3kW

This stove is another one that walks through the valley of mixed reviews.

One buyer says, “All in all, it’s alright. I wouldn’t buy it knowing what I know now.” Another complaint is that it is too small to burn wood but adequate for coal.

However, other reviewers are over the moon about this wood stove, saying ‘it has been the ideal solution for our cabin by the beach.’

This stove is the smallest and least powerful on our list, and it may be the best choice for a compact shed, and it is the easiest to carry. It is made from cast iron, has a small window, and has an integrated hearth, not attachable like many other log burners.

The stove comes with a wooden carry box, glove, tool, a rear exit flue, and a hot plate on top that serves as a stove.

Full Pipsqueak shed stove review here.


  • Burns Wood or Coal
  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Small glass for fire viewing
  • Stovetop


  • Rear Only Flue Exit
  • Made in China
  • 3″ flue is difficult to source

2. Lincsfire Harmston Log Burner For Shed

small burner for shed


  • Height: 527mm
  • Depth: 316mm
  • Width: 378mm
  • Output: 4.2kW

Unfortunately, this log burner walks through the valley of mixed reviews and could have been a top-spot contender. 

One reviewer said the glass window became disfigured within a few months, not covered by warranty. While another said it did not have pre-drilled holes, and the customer had to do the manufacturer’s job!

Higher manufacturing standards could make it perfect for a shed.

It features a removable ash pan for easy cleaning and a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary air system which means you can let it roar or set it to burn slowly and keep the shed warm overnight.


  • Durable cast iron
  • Compact with a high heat output
  • Attractive finish
  • Ideal for a shed
  • Well priced


  • The front fire basket sits too low to catch debris efficiently
  • Inconsistent manufacturing

3. Ekol Apple Pie Shed Log Burner

best shed stove


  • Height: 470mm
  • Depth: 312mm
  • Width: 305mm
  • Output: 4kW

Ekol Apple Pie has the potential to be everything a shed owner wants. The only problem is that because of its modular design, the options drive up the price.

Made of cast iron, the Apple Pie features a single air slider that controls Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary air, with an extra-large window to accent the ambience.

Here is where the Apple Pie both shines but can get expensive. The starting log burner is a core stove without options.

The options are nine different colours, a top mount cooking/warming plate, a top stove, a guard rail, shelves for both sides, a direct air box and ducting, and a customised fulfil steel enclosure to limit exposure to combustibles.


  • Compact, sturdy design
  • Versatile
  • Stovetop and oven


  • Options drive up the price

4. Charlton & Jenrick Go Eco Small Shed Stove

wood stove for camping UK


  • Height: 506mm
  • Depth: 401mm
  • Width: 324mm
  • Output: 3.4-5.3kW

As the name implies, the Adventurer 5 is marketed as a glamping stove, meaning glamorous camping.

The price seems high and goes up with accessories, but this might be the best choice for a shed owner who wants a high-end log burner that burns wood and smokeless fuel.

Accessories include an attachable, fitted heat shield package, a full surround plus a hearth, and a Freestanding Heat Shield to protect against nearby combustibles. 

Finally, it offers a list of smaller accessories like warming shelves, log storage attached to the base, a fiddle rail for a kettle, a modular oven that includes wire shelving, a glass door (optional), a temperature gauge, and a compliant marine hearth for smaller spaces.


  • Many accessories
  • Large window
  • Efficient


  • Expensive

5. Steel Sheet Log Burner For Sheds

how to heat shed UK


  • Height: 680mm
  • Depth: 530mm
  • Width: 330mm
  • Output: 6kW

This log burner comes from Ukraine and, despite being unbranded, garners good reviews from buyers.

Considering that it qualifies as a heavy-duty log burner and comes at a lower price than less powerful units, it might be the best choice for someone on a budget who has a medium-sized to large working shed.

It features 2.5mm sheet metal walls, a stovetop, a removable plate on top, and a cast iron grate. Heat-resistant paint helps protect the metal and covers 100% of the log burner. The doors are solid metal without a window. 


  • Powerful enough for large sheds
  • Sturdy design
  • Simple construction
  • Easy to maintain


  • Unbranded lacks quality assurance
  • No window
  • No oven attachments/accessories

Buying A Wood Stove For A Shed UK

Shopping for the right stove for a shed comes down to a few distinct choices.

Think about:

  • The shed’s size
  • Flue style based on space
  • Heat output in kW
  • Intended fire fuel
  • Intended uses compared to available accessories

There are still log burners on the market intended to make fire and maybe heat some food. On the other hand, some brands are meant to steal the show, and offer shelves, storage, heat shields, rails, and attachable ovens.

The options depend heavily on the available budget as well, and this extends to installing a log burner and fitting a flue which can be an additional cost that matches or exceeds the price of the stove.

Since many sheds are wooden, the flue needs to be insulated by twin walls to protect any combustible materials nearby. For this reason, the flue is likely going to be the most expensive part of the log burner installation.

Furthermore, based on your shed’s layout, consider the distance the flue has to travel to release its exhaust. 4m is a standard length, but some stoves get away with less.

The high installation price is why the Ekol Apple Pie tops our list, despite not being a cheap log burner. If you have to pay nearly the same amount, or potentially more, for installation, it is not worth the risk of making a purchase that does not fulfill all your needs.

If you are not satisfied and decide to replace the stove later, the cost of another one and a new installation will far exceed paying more for the best log burner the first time.

Best Log Burner For Shed

In conclusion, considering the cost of installation and the versatility offered by the accessories, it is hard to go wrong with Ekol’s Apple Pie.

It is perfectly compact for a small space like a shed (while not being too small like the Q-T Micro), and it has more than enough heat output to keep things cozy and warm.

Furthermore, if you do not need the accessories, the basic stove will lower the price, and you can always add accessories later if desired.

If you need more heat output on a budget, the steel sheet log burner may be the best choice. Typically it would seem odd to purchase an unbranded product, but the solid reviews save this one, and it is the only option here that offers 6kW of heat output.

Lastly, if none of these options meet your needs, take a look at this list of the Best Mini Wood Stoves For RVs (again, mostly for the US audience). Or, check out the Sardine Wood Stove for boats!


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