President Milei Of Argentina Has The Worst Taste In Chainsaws

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It’s no secret that President Milei of Argentina is a fan of chainsaws—you can even buy “Milei chainsaw” figurines on Amazon if you really want.

Throughout his campaign for President, he occasionally held up a chainsaw, sometimes revving it, to symbolize cutting government spending. 

He didn’t do it as often as you might think. Still, because it was an effective symbol, the media latched onto it, featuring the images in their stories and labeling him the “chainsaw-wielding economist.”

But this post isn’t about politics. It’s about the chainsaws. We want to know what chainsaws Milei wielded!

Well, I hate to break it to you, but they weren’t anything special. There were no STIHL Contras or 090s, for example.

Let’s take a look at what he chose.

Our first example is this small red top handle chainsaw—brand unknown.

It looks low-powered, cheap, and a bit like the prop chainsaws that chainsaw jugglers sometimes use.

It’s obviously gas-powered rather than battery or electric, and there’s no chain on the saw.

Overall, not an impressive saw. If he wanted to use a top handle, could he not have found a 201T, at least?

Next up, another cheap, plastic, non-exciting chainsaw with a custom bar.

He really needs someone to advise him on chainsaw choice!

We’d have him fitted out with an MS 880 or even try to borrow the STIHL Jetsaw.

How much more inspiring could he have been?


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President Milei is indoors this time, wielding an electric chainsaw in this image shared to his Instagram account.

This is an Argentinian chainsaw, the Omaha BES-405. It’s another cheap, plastic chainsaw similar to Oregon electric chainsaws in the US.

what chainsaw does milei use

To sum it up: NOT impressive.

If he had to go electric, could he not have got the STIHL E30?!


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Here he is out in the streets with another electric chainsaw. The brand is unknown, but again, not a cool saw.


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The crowds love the chainsaw symbol, but unfortunately, one cannot get excited about his choice of chainsaw.


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This is a pretty cool (though kinda creepy) mini statue of Milei and his chainsaw. It was presented to him and one imagine’s he keeps it at his desk.

The text on the bar says, “LONG LIVE FREEDOM” and the Libertarian slogan, “DON’T TREAD ON ME.”

If only the actual saws he used to symbolize his “Chainsaw Plan” were this mean!

However, those are the chainsaws of Milei.

STIHL should have got on top of this and sent him some of the best!

buy milei chainsaw figurine

If you want to get your own Chainsaw Milei figurine, here’s where you can find them:


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  1. This is not an “another electric chainsaw”. This is (probably) some copy/clone/license/whatever of the dominant Komatsu/Husqvarna Zenoah G4500/5000/5200 from Chinese manufacturers. You can even buy versions with metal clutch cover and starter housing.


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