Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws? Sears, MTD, Husqvarna?

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Who makes Craftsman Chainsaws? And where are Craftsman Chainsaws made?

These are two important and interesting questions. I always enjoy learning about the history of old companies like these and finding out more about how they make their iconic products.

For those who want a quick answer, here you go!

The Craftsman brand was started as a house brand by Sears in 1927. However, after Sears went through bankruptcy in 2017, the rights to the Craftsman name were sold to Stanley Black & Decker. They bought the brand for $900 million. Sears still retains a limited license to sell Craftsman products.

Craftsman chainsaws are now made in China and are mostly imported by MTD products. Craftsman has manufacturing facilities in many states across the US where many Craftsman products are constructed and finished, though this does not apply to their chainsaws.

For those wanting a more detailed answer, we’ve got more down below.

Craftsman Chainsaw Manufacturer

who makes craftsman chainsaws for sears

Sears never manufactured Craftsman’s chainsaws themself. They outsourced production to other manufacturers who would make the products according to Sear’s designs and specifications. They would then white label the Craftsman brand name.

Husqvarna is one often cited company that has made Craftsman chainsaws over the years.

Craftsman chainsaws usually had unique or exclusive features or functions that set them apart from the manufacturer’s own line of chainsaws, though at times they could be identical.

You can see the range of current Craftsman Chainsaws for sale in this review.

Craftsman’s US Manufacturing Plants

Craftsman does manufacture and finish a wide variety of their power tools, storage gear, hand tools, automotive tools, and outdoor tools and equipment in the US.

  • Pressure washers and engines are manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Craftsman oil and lubricants are made in Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • Mower attachments and resin sheds are made in Illinois
  • Saw blades are made in Kentucky
  • Vacuums are made in Binghamton, New York
  • Mowers and snow blowers are made in Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Knives, saws, and storage are made in South Carolina

And that’s not all, but it gives you a good idea as to everything that’s going on with the company.

However, for whatever reason, the chainsaws are not manufactured or assembled in the USA such as Stihl chainsaws. Rather, in the vein of Remington chainsaws and/or Echo chainsaws they are made offshore.

Craftsman chainsaws are very cheap for what you are getting, and that’s probably not possible to achieve if they were made in the USA.

Who Makes Sears Chainsaws?

So who makes Sears chainsaws?

Stanley Black and Decker do now!

The Craftsman range of chainsaws is available for sale on Amazon now and is generally very well-reviewed. They sell both gas and battery-powered chainsaws in a range of power levels.

The Craftman name is still a much loved American brand, and the old Craftsman chainsaws can still be found for sale on various online marketplaces.

And if you’re looking for Craftsman chainsaw parts, you can still head over to Sears Parts Direct here for a massive range of everything and anything you might need.


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