Yes, It’s A Flame Throwing Chainsaw Tuba!

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What do you get if you cross a chainsaw with a tuba and add a propane line?

Dutch engineer MasterMilo has the answer in this epic video.

The video is titled ‘Flaming Motor Tuba,’ and that’s exactly what it is!

The chainsaw tuba sounds great before setting it alight, but lighting it up is the cherry on top.

As one YouTube commenter said, “Of all the things I wasn’t expecting to see today, this is pretty high on the list!”

Other great comments included:

  • “Every kid should have one…”
  • “The manliest thing ever to exist.”
  • “Getting some Rammstein vibes. “
  • “Now that’s what I call an “Infernal Combustion Engine.”


Can I borrow this for next week end. I have some noisy neighbors I want to wake up at 5am an hour after they go to sleep. Because reasons.

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