The Competition Thrower Review: A WATL Throwing Axe For Newbies And Pros

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Axe throwing is a fast-growing hobby around the country.

Axe throwing businesses have opened up in towns near me in recent years and I hear people talking about the sport much more often than I used to – it’s fantastic!

But when you’re going to throw axes or knives, you need the best equipment, like this WATL axe.

The Competition Thrower from the World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is a premium product.

In this WATL axe review, I’ll discuss just what makes this competition-throwing axe such an excellent purchase for both pros and beginners. 

The Competition Thrower

WATL Competition Thrower


We also have a round-up of the best WATL throwing axes if you’d like to consider other options.

When choosing an axe to purchase, you need to consider a few things.

You should determine if you’ll need a personal axe or not. Many axe-throwing businesses have supplies you can use while on site. If you’ve never been before, I recommend trying it out with a loaner to see if it’s right for you.

After that, if you’ve got the itch to throw still, it’s time to look at some of the best specifications for an axe.

Before purchasing an axe or hatchet, consider the:

  • Weight
  • Sharpness
  • Handle length

For beginners, you want an axe that is a little on the heavier side. When I say heavy, I mean a little over two pounds.

The head should be as sharp as possible. Sharpness helps the head stick to the target with less force.

Finally, the handle length should measure around 16 or 17 inches, which are good lengths for both pros and beginners. 

Why should you buy an axe when you can get a loaner?

In my opinion, it’s the same as buying a bowling ball instead of borrowing one.

With your equipment, you get a better feel for how it’ll react to different targets. Personalized throwing axes or hatchets will improve your technique and ability faster than simply using a loaner. 

WATL Competition Thrower Specs

best axe for beginner

You can see most of the important specs in this image, but it looks great, doesn’t it?

The WATL Competition Thrower has a handle length of 16 inches, making it perfect for beginners.

The head weighs 1.65 pounds, and the total weight of the axe is 2.35 pounds.

The handle is crafted with genuine American hickory wood. 

WATL designed the 3.5-inch blade with a curve and made from 1045 carbon steel.

Features And Benefits

The World Axe Throwing League designed these competition throwing axes for beginners.

But just because it’s for beginners doesn’t mean that this official throwing axe isn’t a great product with plenty of features and benefits. 

The curved blade not only gives the axe a distinctive design but also makes it easier to stick to your target. When I tried it out, I had no trouble getting it to stick in the target.

In my opinion, few things are as deflating for beginners as seeing their axe constantly bounce off the wooden bull’s-eye. You won’t have that problem with this best-selling WATL axe.

Also assisting with the sticking power of this product is its ultra-sharp blade. WATL designed this axe to be sharp, and when testing it out it shows. The head also has a thin profile, making it perfect for throwing.

WATL includes a complementary sheath with each axe. Not only does the sheath improve safety, but it also protects the blade from damage and other outside elements. 

The handle is straight, making it easier to aim and hit your target. The American hickory wood should make the handle durable and able to endure the rigors of throwing. 

The Competition Thrower Review

If you’re new to the sport and are looking to get your first axe, this cheap throwing axe is a great option.

There are a lot of competitive throwing axes on the market, but this is perfect for beginners. And for experienced throwers, it can serve as a reliable backup option when you need it.

The WATL Competition Thrower has everything a beginner might want out of their axe. It includes a razor-sharp blade, good length and weight, and a sheath.

This axe is a cut above the competition compared to other models.


  • Well designed with beginners in mind
  • Inexpensive investment
  • Comfortable to throw for long periods
  • Great axe to break into the hobby with


  • The handle can be slick at times
  • The blade can chip if thrown into wooden targets with knots

Competition Thrower Alternatives

beginner WATL axe

For those looking for other options, I’ve found a few other hatchets that might fit your needs.

Check out our list of the best throwing axes to discover further axe throwing brands and products.

1. The Corporal

This hatchet is also from the WATL and is for more advanced users.

The head has a flat design, making it more difficult to stick to the targets. It is slightly heavier than the Competition Thrower, but the blade is thinner and sharper than that model.

The Corporal is also more expensive when compared to the Competition Thrower.

2. The Butcher

The Butcher is a standout in pro-throwing axes.

It has a larger blade than the Competition Thrower, measuring four inches. The weight of the two is nearly identical, but the handle is slightly longer.

Coupled with the flat blade design, this product is for advanced throwers.

3. Cold Steel Competition Throwing Hatchet

This axe from Cold Steel is a great budget purchase for new hobbyists.

It’s quite a bit cheaper than the Competition Thrower. Both axes share the same handle length, but Cold Steel’s hatchet is much lighter, weighing under two pounds.

This product might be a good purchase for those looking for a cheap throwing axe, but you will sacrifice some quality.

WATL Competition Thrower

Buying your first competition throwing axe is a big decision. You don’t want to waste your money on a product that will disappoint you.

WATL has made a premium product with the Competition Thrower, and you can feel safe spending your hard-earned money on it.

With a design created with beginners in mind, the Competition Thrower is excellent for those looking to get into the hobby. Since it’s a well-made product, even experienced pros will have use for it.

In my opinion, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better axe at the price point than the Competition Thrower from WATL.

Next up, learn all about axe throwing competitions!


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