13 Valentine’s Day Mantel Decor And Fireplace Decoration Ideas

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For those wanting to up their game this February 14, these Valentine’s Day fireplace decor ideas are one way to do that. If you’re spending the evening at home with your loved one, decorating the fireplace for the occasion will make add that extra special touch.

Here are some Valentine’s mantel decor ideas; some are quick and easy and others that are a bit more elaborate. Whether you want elegant and classy or chic and modern, let these examples inspire you.

Valentine’s Fireplace Decor Tips

When decorating a fireplace for Valentine’s Day, a key aspect is the thematic resonance of love and warmth. The use of traditional Valentine’s Day colors like red, pink, white, and gold can set the mood appropriately.

Balance is critical in the display; if a large item is placed on one side of the mantel, it’s essential to counter it with something of a similar visual weight on the other side. The decor should accentuate the fireplace as a focal point of the room, but not overwhelm it.

Incorporating symbols of love, such as hearts or Cupid, can also add a festive touch. Natural elements like flowers or branches can bring a touch of life and freshness. Lastly, soft lighting or candles can further enhance the ambiance, creating an inviting and romantic atmosphere.

1. Valentines Bunting

how to decorate fireplace for valentines day
Source: bluebellbuntingwimborne

This is a very simple but classy way to celebrate and mark Valentine’s Day.

Bunting is draped across the fireplace. I love those farmhouse fireplace tiles as well!

2. Splashes Of Red

This is a reasonably low-key way of decorating the fireplace for Valentine’s Day.

There is a LOVE sign, bunting, heart decor, and splashes of red. Perfect!

It’s not going to take long to pull down on the 15th either.

 3. Crafty Hearts

valentine's day mantel decorations
Source: fromwallstohome

These soft hearts and beads are perfect for this home.

The account shared:

A little V-Day fireplace… do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?!

I don’t do much but I still like to have a little bit to keep the spirits up while keeping it simple during these cloudy and rainy winter months in Pensacola.

4. How To Style A Mantel For Valentine’s

Click through to see how Aria styles her fireplace mantel for Valentine’s.
She says in the description:

Today I’m sharing how I’ve decorated my home for Valentine’s Day.

This year I’m keeping it real simple with just a few touches here and there.

I’ve really been enjoying having a clean slate lately and although it would be nice to have a little more Valentine’s decor, I’m happy with the balance I’ve struck.

That rose garland is beautiful!

5. Modern Valentine’s Fireplace Decor

electric fireplace decorating ideas for valentines day
Source: myprettypinknest

Simple yet elegant Valentine’s decorations for the fireplace.

Roses, hydrangeas, a gorgeous pink vase, and some love heart art for the mantel.

6. Vintage Fireplace Decoration Ideas

I love how this see-through fireplace is styled for Valentine’s Day.

DIY Beautify shared:

An easy-to-make heart garland, cut from decorative vintage-inspired scrapbook paper adds a touch of feminine beauty to a fireplace mantel…

The old brick (or faux-old brick) is stunning.

It’s a good idea to clean the fireplace brick if dirty!

7. A Flashy Valentine’s Display

fireplace decorations for february 14
Source: littlemissmistletoe

Little Miss Mistletoe has gone all out on her fireplace for Valentine’s this year and has some colorful leggings to match!

She says:

Seeing hearts & pink & red all over our house right now!

Who else is ready for the month of L❤️VE?!??

It’s a good empty fireplace idea – styling and decorating it for the next holiday, whatever it may be.

I make this part of my stay at home mom routine mostly because the kids love joining in and coming up with ideas too.

8. Valentine’s Day Mantel


9. Use Other Colors

farmhouse style valentines fireplace decor
Source: biele.hamptons.home

While red, pink, and white are the traditional colors for Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason not to change them up.

This home has a sea or coastal theme going on, and its decorations for the 14th of February have worked well with that.

10. An Epic Valentine’s Day Fireplace

This home has the most elaborate Valentine’s Day decorations set up: a Valentine’s Tree beside the gas fireplace.

The fire’s on, looking so inviting, and the decorations and colors are all on point!

You can see more of this set-up in the Blessed Nesting’s video.

11. Valentine’s Day Fireplace Crafts

fireplace mantel valentines day crafts
Source: corrie9

More Valentine’s decorations for the fireplace, mantel, and above the fireplace.

Hand-crafted decorations like this are wonderful.

12. Mantel Inspiration

Follow this pin to find another Valentine’s Day mantel decor idea…

Tiffany has cards and other elements set up on her mantel, and she decorated the rest of her home too.

13. Classy Valentine’s Decor For Fireplaces

decorate fireplace for valentines day
Source: @puttingtheoinhome

Lastly, we have this final simple but classy idea.

I just like how the love heart decor matches!

Valentine’s Fireplace Decor Ideas

classy valentines fireplace decorations
Easy fireplace decor for Valentine’s Day

Before we share some excellent ideas from Instagram and Pinterest, here are some Valentine’s Day fireplace decor ideas to consider.

Most of these ideas work whether you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, a gas fireplace, or an electric fireplace. Just ensure your decorations are not going to be too close to the heat if your appliance is on.

1. Romantic candles

Create a warm and romantic ambiance with scented candles and candle holders arranged in front of the fireplace.

Or, instead of scented candles, add an enjoyable scent to the room using essential oils, reed diffusers, herbs, flowers, or room sprays.

2. Heart garlands

Hang heart-shaped garlands from the mantel for a festive touch.

These decorative wreaths can be made from flowers, leaves, ribbons, or cardstock and hung from the mantel. Fresh flowers aren’t ideal if the fire is lit as they will wilt.

3. Rose petals

Sprinkle rose petals on the hearth for a touch of romance. Rose petals are the epitome of Valentine’s Day romance and you can’t go wrong by sprinkling them over and around the hearth.

4. Love letters

Write love letters to each other and display them on the mantel. If you want to get really cheesy, read them out loud to each other in front of the fire.

5. Love signs

Decorate the mantel with signs that spell out “love” or “Valentine.”

You can purchase these types of signs everywhere around Valentine’s Day, or, if you have a Cricut or other cutting machine, you can make your own Valentine’s Signs. Even the smaller and cheaper Cricut Joy can be used to make banners, signs, and other decorations.

6. Heart wreaths

Hang a heart-shaped wreath on the fireplace screen. Again, these can be made using a cutting machine at home, cut free-hand, or purchased from a store.

7. Red and pink accents

Add pops of red and pink throughout the room with flowers, pillows, and other decor items. Valentine’s is all about these fantastic colors so make the most of this opportunity to use them.

8. String lights

Wrap the mantel with string lights for a soft, romantic glow. These make a good alternative to candles if you’d prefer not to use them, or they’ll complement them nicely.

9. Love seat

Arrange a cozy love seat or bench in front of the fireplace for a romantic spot to cuddle.

This is especially important if the fire is going, and I must say, a wood fire is the most romantic type of fire. If it’s warm enough, you could even get out and decorate around the fire pit!

10. Family photos

Display family photos in heart-shaped frames on the mantel for a personal touch. This is a fairly intimate idea, so best not for new couples – they might run a mile!

Valentine’s Fireplace Decorating Ideas

While it’s nice to get the fireplace nice for Valentine’s, don’t neglect the rest of the room as well.

You might like to put up more decorative lighting, flowers, balloons, and surprise gifts. Make sure you have plenty of wine and chocolate, the right music, and a delicious meal planned as well.

It goes without saying that you should take care of any bad fireplace smells beforehand. Let us know what you’re doing for Valentine’s down below, and how you’ve decided to decorate your fireplace!


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