Husqvarna Chainsaw Price Increases: Inflation And War Adds At Least 6.5% Surcharge

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Husqvarna Chainsaws, along with most businesses everywhere else in the world, has introduced a surcharge to help cover the increasing cost of transportation.

They recently sent out this notice to their dealers in the US (and other locations, most likely).

Dear Valued Husqvarna Dealer,

We continue to absorb unprecedented commodity inflation. As the global conflict impacts supply and pricing of crude oil, diesel and other transportation-related costs, we have made every effort to mitigate these inflationary pressures on the freight prices. Despite these efforts, we can no longer absorb them fully as they continue to rise at unprecedented levels.

As a result of the above referenced cost increases, Husqvarna will implement a TEMPORARY freight surcharge if 6.5% on ALL SHIPMENTS as of March 31, 2022. We will evaluate these pressures intermittently as updated information about these cost fluctuations becomes available. The surcharge will ONLY be calculated on the product cost and not applicable to any processing charges or taxes.

In conjunction with the price surcharge, you will find the updated price lists for fuel, oils, lubricants and select service parts effective March 31, 2022 located on Power within the ‘Sales Support’ section.

TLDR: a 6.5% surcharge on all products shipped from March 31, 2022.

That final paragraph suggests there has been a price increase in petroleum products themselves, such as bar oils, motor oil, and so on.

Some dealers are even tacking on their own additional charges for things like ‘Unloading/Unpacking/Final Assembly’, as one man shared in a Husqvarna Chainsaw Facebook Group.

He bought a new Husqvarna 572XP and was charged (USD):

  • $1,089.99 for the saw
  • $40.00 for unboxing
  • $92.79 for the surcharge (he picked the saw up from the store himself, it wasn’t delivered)
  • $84.55 for tax

All up, the 572XP cost him $1307.33, a significant increase on 1 or 2 years ago.

Some will be considering a Holzfforma G372XP clone saw instead!

Check out these prices from 1997 for comparison.

husqvarna price 6.5% surcharge

The 272XP listed for $729.95 is the 1997 equivalent to the 572XP or 2022.

Price rises can be expected when you increase the money supply by 13 trillion dollars since 2020 and factor in everything else that’s going on – to be honest, I’m surprised it’s not more!

Regarding the gentleman’s post about the additional charges for his chainsaw, a dealer in the group shared the reason for the ‘Shipping and Handling’ surcharge as was displayed on his invoice.

husqvarna price rises dealers

Comments from other members in the group included:

  • Husky is charging a 6.5% surcharge. So that explains one of them. The setup fee is just bullsh*t. I would never charge someone that.
  • Not cool at all. My dealer never has any of those charges. Just the saw and tax, and he usually knocks off $50 if I pay cash.
  • I just bought a 572 XP 24 in bar 999.00 out the door.
  • Damn. They got ya!
  • Dam that’s about $600 higher than Central Wisconsin.
  • That’s dirty.

As stated in the dealer’s comment above, some shops may still be selling stock they received before the surcharge was introduced. That might explain why some are not charging this additional fee (yet).

Perhaps buying a used chainsaw is the way to go – if you can find the right saw for the right price and in the right condition.

Let us know your Husqvarna Chainsaw price increase horror stories down below!


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