Ohio Hardwoods: Types, Prices, Best Time To Buy, What To Look For

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What are the best types of firewood in Ohio and how much should you expect to pay per cord?

Ohio is lucky as there are many good hardwoods that are perfect for wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and other wood-burning heating and cooking appliances.

A number of factors will determine prices per cord, including whether or not it’s seasoned, the rarity of the wood in Ohio, and the time of year, along with other things.

Here’s what you need to know – especially if you’re new to the state.

Common Ohio Firewoods

best firewood in ohio

Ohio has many great hardwoods that can be burned to heat your home through the cold months.

Here is a list of the best types of firewood in Ohio which you’ll commonly find for sale from local businesses when you search ‘firewood near me.’


Ash firewood, and in particular, white ash, is a really good wood to burn.

It will put off about 22 MBTU per cord making it a lot better than black ash, walnut, maple, or cherry.


Oak wood is commonly found in Ohio and is another excellent hardwood for fireplaces and wood stoves.

It’s even better than ash, no matter the variety of oak you’re talking about. Oak is one type that is commonly bought on its own, whereas other woods will often be part of a ‘hardwood mix.’


There are a few varieties of maple, but sugar maple or black maple are the best – sometimes known as hardwood maple.

Both types are found in Ohio and commonly sold at firewood suppliers.


In terms of heat output, Cherry wood is not as good as oak or white ash for burning, but it’s great for smoking meats.

Fruit woods, like cherry, apple, or plum, pass on distinct flavors through the smoke into the meat – there’s nothing quite like it, especially during BBQ season.

Black Walnut

Black walnut is yet another excellent firewood.

It’s a very dense hardwood that can be harder to process due to its weight, and it will also cost more per cord. However, it’s really good to have alongside other softer woods that can help with the burn.

Other Varieties

Those are the main types of firewood for sale in Ohio, though you’ll sometimes find the likes of apple, locust, hickory, and a few others as well.

Hickory is one of the best firewoods for the amount of heat per cord it puts out, and is followed closely by white oak, honey locust, and black walnut.

The most important thing is that the wood is dry from rain and well seasoned. A moisture content under 20% is best, and this can be tested with a good moisture meter.

Ohio Firewood Prices

The price of a cord of wood in Ohio depends on whether it’s:

  • seasoned, semi-seasoned, or unseasoned – the latter being the cheapest
  • type of wood – wood with higher output is usually more expensive
  • the amount purchased – bulk buys can sometimes be cheaper
  • time of the year – it’s usually cheaper to buy in the summer and fall, rather than the winter
  • location – prices are higher in more densely populated areas
  • delivery or pickup
  • stacked or dumped in your driveway

Cindy from Visit Ohio Today shared:

Firewood prices are a lot higher in the cities than they are slightly further out.

If you have your own trailer, it might make sense to make a short trip to a firewood supplier outside the city where you’ll get a much better deal. They may not deliver to you, but you can go to them.

At the time of writing, here are some prices listed on Ohio firewood delivery sites:

  • Lucern Farms – $450 1/2 cord of hardwood delivered and dumped
  • Mr Mulch – $690 full cord of mixed hardwood (ash, oak, maple, cherry, apple, hickory) pick up
  • Firewood Guys Columbus – $600 semi-seasoned hardwood mixture (walnut, oak, hickory, cherry, ash, hardwood maple) delivered

Prices are accurate at the time of writing but are always subject to change.

Ohio Firewood FAQs


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Is it illegal to move firewood in Ohio?

In some areas, the movement of firewood is restricted and regulated due to pests that may stow away in the wood.

Wooded areas that are infected with pests like the Asian Longhorn Beetle, spongy moth, or spotted lanternfly cannot be used for firewood.

How much is a cord of firewood in Ohio?

The price of cord of firewood depends on how dry it is, its location, and its type.

For a well-seasoned cord of mixed hardwood, you can expect to pay between $700 – $900. 

What is the best wood in Ohio for smoking meat?

Apple, cherry, and hickory are all good wood for outdoor smokers that can be found in Ohio.

Insanely Easy Recipes shared:

Applewood is great for smoking ribs.

It doesn’t overpower the meat but gives a distinct and unique flavor. Other than a bit of seasoning and BBQ sauce, there’s not a lot more you need to add. Let the heat and smoke doe the work and serve with a fresh salad.

Can you bring your own firewood to Ohio State Parks?

In 99.9% of cases, you cannot bring your own firewood into Ohio State Parks in order to avoid the transfer of pests.

You can buy firewood inside the state parks for campfires, fire pits, and other wood-burning cookers like the Biolite, provided there are no fire bans or restrictions in place.

Can you take fallen logs from the woods?

In most cases, this is not permitted, though that doesn’t mean people don’t do it.

It’s best to buy wood from a supplier, get a permit to remove wood, or find a friend with trees that you can harvest. You certainly should not remove wood from private land without permission.

Can you sell firewood in Ohio?

Anyone can sell firewood in Ohio, though you may need a permit to do so.

Joe at Ohio Wood Burner Ltd shared the reasons why you should NOT sell firewood in this popular video.

Firewood In Ohio

Unlike some states, most regions of Ohio have easy access to good firewood that doesn’t cost an extortionate amount of money.

There are many places to buy firewood if you’re not willing or able to buy a chainsaw and put in the work yourself. It’s hard work that many enjoy, but not all!

Ensure you have a good wood burning stove or fireplace along with good wood – one without the other is just waste!


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