The Comet Model B Chainsaw Sells At An Eye Watering Price For A Reason

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It doesn’t look like much, but this diesel-powered Comet model B is one of the rarest and most valuable chainsaws.

It’s a 49 cc saw made by Comet between 1950 and 1953. It is estimated that only 1000 of them were ever produced.

The Comet B pictured here is currently for sale on eBay (we have no relationship with the seller waitingintheweeds). Given how rare the chainsaw is, it’s not cheap!

comet model b chainsaw

The listing description states:

If your still reading this and haven’t left you know what your looking at. It is time for someone else to enjoy it.

This vintage Comet chainsaw Model B is a rare find and a must-have for collectors! It runs on diesel. This chainsaw is definitely a valuable addition to any chainsaw collection.

The chainsaw has good compression. I have never run it but it is in excellent condition.

The Model B is a Holy Grail item and is highly sought after by chainsaw enthusiasts. This chainsaw will definitely not disappoint and is sure to impress any collector and would be a centerpiece of one’s collection.

Find this on Craigslist Fairfield CT and message me if you’re serious for a better price. My feedback speaks for itself. No games no BS, ship same day or next.

If your local within a few hours, I will deliver it personally to your doorstep. If not it will be shipped express, with insurance and must have signature required sorry no ifs ands or buts on this one.

how much for model b comet

The listing price for this Comet B Chainsaw is US $4,800.00.

Compare that to other vintage chainsaws like the STIHL 040 and it’s almost 10 times the price!

However, the Comet B is much rarer than other “rare” saws.

using a comet model b

Model B specs:

  • Produced: 1950 – 1953
  • Displacement: 49 cc / 3.0 cu in
  • Power: 3 hp / 2.2 kW
  • Weight: 8.5 kgs / 18.7 lbs
  • Bore: 41.2 mm / 1.63″
  • Stroke: 42.8 mm / 1.69″
  • Fuel: Diesel, kerosene

The construction is magnesium and it has a gear reduction drive.

most expesive vintage chainsaws

Norwegian Rasmus Wiig invented the Comet A which was the first diesel chainsaw ever made. The model B is the second version.

In an interesting article by George B. Blake, he shares:

There was something extra special about the Comet! It had no spark plug. No ignition coil, no points, and no condenser!! It was a Diesel!!!

When one thinks of diesels one thinks of heavy engines with high pressure injection pumps. Not so with the Comet, which weighs in at a mere 8 ½ kilos. So, how did he do it? How did Mr. Wiig make this Comet run?

We all know that a diesel engine needs a heat source to get the engine started. Once the engine is started, the heat of combustion does the rest. Most modern diesel engines use electrically heated glow plugs. Well, Mr. Wiig did use a glow plug, but it wasn’t electrically heated. In the cylinder head of the engine is a heating tube, or plug called the “Tändror”.

This is a steel plug which actually screws into the cylinder head. Heat this plug until it glows red, and you have a glow plug!!

Mr. Wiig knew that moisture was the biggest enemy of the conventional ignition system and did not want anything electrical on this Comet. The very high cost of gasoline in Europe and Scandinavia was also of great concern.

comet b chainsaw price

We also read:

Although a very light and innovative saw, sales [of the Comet model A] were not what Mr. Wiig had hoped for, so, he took his idea to neighboring Sweden.

A company called “Como” M. T. Bjerke would now build the Comet in Sweden. I’m told this occurred in 1950. The Swedish version of the Comet was called model “B”.

Swedish forestry historians tell me that production of the model “B” Comet is approximately 1,000 between 1950 through 1953.

model b serial number

75 years later, we can assume there are a whole lot less than 1000 of these saws out there now, hence the price.

These saws are not bought to be used, they’re bought as centerpieces of chainsaw collections. They are fascinating pieces of history that often end up in museums around the world.

working comet model b

Please share any more information about the Comet B in the comments below.

How much would you pay for one? Or would you rather a STIHL model A?


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