20 Biolite Meal Ideas: What To Cook On The FirePit+ And CampStove 2+

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We just got a Biolite FirePit+ and I used it for the first time last night.

To keep things easy, I just cooked some sausages and steak on the griddle. I made quite a few mistakes, which I’ll share below, but I thought the fire pit was excellent.

We had lots of fun as a family and I was impressed by how it works (full review to come after I’ve used it a few more times).

I wanted some inspiration for other things to cook on a Biolite FirePit, so I’ve put together this list of ideas. Make sure you share your favorite Biolite meals in the comments at the end!

How NOT To Cook On The Biolite FirePit


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A post shared by Fire And Saw (@fireandsaw)

Click right on the Insta post to see a few more pics as well – including some marshmallow roasting with the kids 😋

Those are my snarlers (sausages) and steak cooking on the fire pit in the backyard.

As mentioned above, there were a few things I got wrong this time. Let’s just say I should have read the Biolite Griddle instructions before I got started!

Firstly, the fire was too strong and hot when I put the griddle on. 

My thought was that I needed to build the fire up because once the griddle was on the fire pit, I wouldn’t be able to add more wood.

However, I should have let it die down to embers first. It would have been more than hot enough to cook with.

I was burning gum firewood which is a hardwood that burns very hot. Probably should have used a wood with a less intense burn.

Next, as a result, the griddle was far too hot for sausages.

The steak was quickly cooked perfectly to med/rare, but I really needed a lower heat for the sausages to be cooked through before burning.

I actually had to take the sausages off the griddle and inside to finish on a low heat on the stove.

biolite meal idea inspiration

I wasn’t prepared for placing and removing the griddle.

The fire was going well, and when I put the griddle on it didn’t immediately find the right footing.

However, there was no way for me to pick it up and re-position it. I had to run to the garage and grab some large pliers to do that.

It was the same story after I removed the meat. I actually had to push the griddle off the fire pit onto the lawn with a couple of small logs. It was too hot and heavy to completely remove with the pliers.

Biolite recommends removing the griddle with protective mitts, as you would a cast iron pan from the stovetop. I just wasn’t prepared. As a result, my lawn is looking a bit worse for wear – there’s a big burnt patch from where it landed!

Thankfully the cast iron griddle survived the experience. I’ve cleaned and re-oiled it today and it still looks fantastic.

Lastly, and I should have known better, I didn’t use a fire pit heat mat.

I have a good fire pit mat sitting in the shed, but for some reason, I just didn’t get it out. Today I see that I have successfully killed all the grass that was under and near the fire pit.

Biolite also sells a rectangular FirePit FireMat designed for the FirePit+.

I have quite a few fire pits, including a chiminea and a cast iron fire bowl, and we regularly have fire pit evenings. We’ve just come out of winter though so I’m a bit off my game. 

Also, it kept raining sporadically so I was trying to rush things – that’s my excuse anyway!

So don’t do what I did in this instance and learn from my mistakes.

Use a fire pit mat, wait till the flames die down before putting the griddle on, don’t cook sausages with a flaming hot griddle, and have some heat-protective mitts handy for installing and removing the griddle!

Biolite Cooking Inspiration

Now, here are some ideas on what to cook on a Biolite FirePit or Stove – follow these accounts if you like what you see!

1. Pizza


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A post shared by @bioliteuser

These guys made pizza on the Biolite with the griddle.

They shared:

Do you use a pizza stone for the Firepit? Although these pizzas were amazing the base might have been slightly overdone (burnt’ish). I’ll definitely be looking for a pizza stone and then cooking pizza whilst camping in our Classic Hymer.

The Sauce was a mix of homemade garlic butter, tomato puree… tomato sauce… hot sauce, and dried oregano.

Looks delicious!

2. Salmon


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A post shared by Bever (@bevernl)

Next up, these folk are cooking salmon on their Biolite CampStove.

They are out in the wilderness but still eating well.

The account shared:

Safe and clean cooking outside 🥘 without electricity, or even better: while you generate energy!

You can do that with the products of @biolite . With the BioLite CampStove 2 – or its bigger brother, the BioLite FirePit. You cook with wood but with much less smoke 👨‍🍳🌿. This way you can easily make the tastiest dishes!

That salmon and onions look amazing!

3. Vegan/Vegetarian Kebabs


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A post shared by Outdoor Adventure Kit (@wildbounds)

This looks like a good vegetarian option – vegetable and mushroom kebabs.

It looks like they have bell pepper, onion, zucchini, and mushroom on the BBQ.

The account shared:

BioLite’s innovative camp stoves, fire pits, lanterns and solar-powered lighting systems will power you through this lockdown.

Cook and grill outdoors, light up your garden and charge your devices without even having to go inside.

There’s no doubt this went down a treat.

4. Prawn Kebabs


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A post shared by Nananastia (@nastia_afanasenko)

More kebabs, similar to the previous idea, but with some prawn kebabs too – also, some sausage kebabs?

The poster shared this captioned with “summer in the city.”

The Biolite is a good fire pit you can cook on for city dwellers. It’s small-ish and easier to control than alternatives.

5. Sirloin Steak And Veges


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A post shared by Gianni Grifoni (@sleepeatsurf)

Gianni certainly knows what he’s doing.

He shared:

Grass-fed Sirloin (300gr 1.5 inches thick cut), grilled zucchini, sauté Oyster mushrooms and Hotdogs cooked on @biolite…

Looks amazing!

6. Tomohawk Steak And Veges


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A post shared by The CampStove Chef (@thecampstovechef)

The CampStove Chef from Australia is a good account to follow for outdoor BBQ ideas.

They’re cooking “Tomahawk. Cabbage. Bok Choy. Asian greens done two ways.”

They also shared: “Sometimes it’s the sides that steal the spotlight.”

Indeed, though that steak is stunning.

7. Chicken Rogan Josh


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A post shared by @bioliteuser

An Indian meal wouldn’t be my first thought on what to cook on a Biolite, but after seeing this I’m keen to try it!

Bioliteuser shared:

Chicken Rogan Josh on the @biolite Firepit +, you have to change it up a little as it’s fair to say that the instructions don’t cover firepits, it turned out fantastic and my pit cooking skills go up another level.

I warmed one naan bread on the lid whilst the food was cooking, the 2nd I cooked on the grill after, and that one tasted much better than the 1st.

I haven’t used my FirePit Grill Lid yet, but warming nan bread is a good use for it!

8. Bacon And Eggs


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A post shared by GMT Outdoor (@gmtoutdoor)

 Bacon and eggs for breakfast?

Looks good to me.

This account posted: “The FirePit BioLite allows you to cook your good meals during your toughest expeditions!”

9. Lamb And Chicken Kebabs


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A post shared by The CampStove Chef (@thecampstovechef)

These lamb and chicken kebabs are looking next-level delicious – awesome video and images.

There’s also a tikka masala sauce cooking in the pot on the fire as well. It’s great to be able to cook in so many styles with the Biolite FirePit+.

10. Vegetable Kebabs


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A post shared by ProAdventure (@proadventurewales)

More kebabs from a business account out of Wales.

It’s nice to be able to eat so well while tenting!

They shared:

Now this is one we’re excited to shout about. This is new to Proadventure for 2021, The @biolite fire pit.🔥⠀
This is a smart pit, it’s even hooked up with Bluetooth controls! Perfect for some off grid cooking!

We’re honestly so excited to be working with Biolite, their mission is such an important one; bringing safe and reliable energy to individuals in 23 countries across Africa and Asia. ⠀

Feel good cooking!🥓🌽⠀

I haven’t tried the Bluetooth feature yet – will need to next time I use it.

11. Bacon Buttie And Coffee


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A post shared by @bioliteuser

Make sure you click right through these photos.

Bioliteuser is cooking in the backyard:

Saturday morning coffee and buttie (Sausage pattie, bacon, tomato, plastic cheese and bbq sauce) whilst watching the men’s Roller derby.

And I’m not surprised to see the account owner is based in the UK!

You too can make coffee with your Biolite Campstove using the KettlePot and Coffee Set.

12. Chinese Rice


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A post shared by Campout (@campingdyd)

You can really cook anything on a Biolite, even Chinese rice!

These people are using a cast iron pot over the flames without the grill or griddle, and it seems to be working well.

13. Something Interesting


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A post shared by Emily Faith Johnson (@the_girl_with_the_duck)

I’m not sure what’s being cooked here but wanted to share it because of the great stand they’ve fashioned.

I don’t think this is a Biolite product, but I imagine it works well for keeping the food out of the flames. Alternatively, you can just let the flames die down, but it’s more fun with a big fire!

14. Japanese


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A post shared by Buydig.com (@buydig)

In this example, we’ve got wraps with a Japanese-inspired filling.

It’s difficult to make out exactly what’s in it, but I like the idea of making wraps and filling.

They shared:

Grill, boil, cook, and charge with this fully integrated kit. Generate electricity and create smokeless wood flames with the award-winning CampStove 2 while cooking up your meals with the lightweight Portable Grill and KettlePot attachments.

While putting this post together, it’s interesting to see how worldwide Biolite FirePits and CampStoves are – these accounts are based in so many different countries.

15. English Breakfast


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A post shared by @touringwiththetaylors

Sausages, bacon, beans, and toast – the perfect breakfast!

This account shared:

Fantastic purchase… takes up less space in the campervan and has Bluetooth controls to adapt airflow to have control of flames/heat.

The fan control is one of the things I really like about this fire pit as well. I’ve heard or read a few complaints that it’s loud, but that wasn’t my experience at all!

You generally wouldn’t have it on the highest setting unless you are just lighting the fire or wanting to burn it out. I didn’t notice the sound of the lower settings at all.

16. Cinnamon Tarts


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A post shared by @bioliteuser

Another great idea from @bioliteuser – a must-follow account for Biolite meal ideas.

This time they’re baking tarts:

Making apple, Biscoff and cinnamon tarts with my daughter to cook on the @biolite FirePit, we have made a few tarts like this in the past but this is our 1st time on the Firepit and they were fantastic.

Good idea to use parchment paper over the griddle!

17. Steak


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A post shared by LI NDSΛY (@baby_yota_)

You can’t get much better than a simple steak cooked on the Biolite Grill.

This account, @baby_yota_, shared:

I want to hear what’s your favorite meal to cook while camping? ⁣⁣

Mine is Ribeye steak. Medium rare. 👌🏼⁣⁣

Plus my bio light fire pit makes for one perfect flame to achieve that. Best investment I made this year. It is so efficient, and the clean-up is beyond a breeze. ⁣⁣

We had porterhouse steak last night – it was perfect!

18. Falafel And Veg Kebabs


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A post shared by Doma v prírode (@doprirody.prakticky.sk)

A mouth-watering image of vegetable and falafel kebabs… though I’m only guessing at falafel – could be something else!

The account is based in Slovakia, so it’s more likely a delight from that country.

They shared: “Grilling. Perfect enjoyment.”

19. Fajitas


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A post shared by Ann Casler-Zuhn (@annzuhn)

And last but not least, fajitas!

It looks like Ann is cooking on the deck. She has some bricks down to protect the surface – wise move!

Biolite Meal Ideas

I don’t know about you, but now I’m inspired to try cooking new meals on my Biolite FirePit+.

Seeing all these delicious meal ideas has helped me to realize what’s possible and I’ve got a lot of ideas.

Follow us on Instagram and I’ll share pics of what I next cook there. I definitely recommend following these other accounts that have been featured here as well.

Let us know if you have any questions down below, and find out about chiminea cooking next!


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