5 TOP Double Bit Axes: Two-Sided Axes For Felling, Pruning, Spitting, Throwing

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If you enjoy spending time outdoors or are handy around the yard, you could benefit from having a double-bit ax in your shed.

This multi-purpose tool can make light work of difficult tasks while you are out camping or getting yard work done on the weekend. 

Here we have the five best double-bit axes available so you can get to work with the best tool possible.

The Estwing Double-Bit Axe tops the list as the best for throwing and the Helko Werk Double-Headed Axe is the top for felling trees or splitting wood.

Best Double-Bit Axe

Estwing Double-Bit Axe

  • 2.5 lbs
  • 17-inch handle
  • Forged steel
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Helko Werk Traditional Double Bit Axe

  • 6 lbs
  • 30-inch handle
  • Wood/carbon steel
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Double Bit Michigan Axe

  • 3.5 lbs
  • 34-inch handle
  • Fiberglass/steel
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Estwing Two-Sided Throwing Axe

  • 2.3 lbs
  • 17-inch handle
  • Forged steel
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Truper Double-Blade Axe

  • 5.25 lbs
  • 34-inch handle
  • Wood/carbon steel
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What is a double-bit axe?

It is easy to understand the benefits if you are new to this type of axe.

This tool is a double-headed ax, with alternative edges on each side.

A two-sided ax provides versatility that you cannot get from having an ax with only one blade head. However, as with anything, there are pros and cons.


  • Good for felling trees
  • Ideal for splitting wood
  • Useful for cutting roots 
  • Highly versatile for multiple tasks 
  • They can last twice as long as traditional models


  • They are heavier than standard axes 
  • These two-headed axe products can be more dangerous to use
  • Not suitable for small hand-chopping tasks that are better for a 
  • Not useful for delicate wood carving or woodworking tasks
  • Cannot be used as a sledgehammer
  • Could be considered less safe with two blades

Compared with your regular single-bit splitting axes there are fewer options, but those that are available are good.

1. Estwing Small Double-Edged Axe

best double bitted axe

If you are in the market for a double-bit felling axe of quality construction and easy to use, Estwing has the ideal solution.

This two-headed axe is forged in one piece of American steel, making it more durable than other competitors’ products. 

It comes with a shock reduction grip to minimize vibration from impact by 70% for more efficiency and exceptional comfort.

In addition, the heavy-duty sheath helps protect the cutting edge between uses and during storage and transportation.

Estwing axes are popular as a throwing axe as well, as they are lightweight and easy to grip and release.


  • Low impact vibration
  • One-piece construction


  • It weighs only 2.2 pounds, which makes large wood pieces challenging

2. Helko Werk Traditional Double-Bladed Axe

best double edged axe

The Helko Werk Traditional Hinterland Two-Headed Axe is hand-crafted in Germany with carbon steel and Grade A American hickory wood.

This exceptional tool is ideal for various uses, depending on each blade profile. 

This product comes with a full-grain leather sheath and axe guard protective oil to help the blade during transportation and storage.

It is ideal for felling, splitting, and cutting all sizes of trees, branches, and cords of wood.

If you like this company, the Helko Werk Förster Axe Set is an excellent collection of 7 great axes at a reasonable price.


  • Exceptional craftsmanship 
  • Includes protective oil for the blades


  • Axe head can come loose after repeated use

3. Lightweight Double-Bit Mich Axe

replacement double bit axe head

Although this Michigan model sports a double-bit axe head, it is surprisingly light and easy to maneuver.

The head weighs only 3.5 pounds, and the 34-inch handles make it a terrific small double-bit axe for many uses at only a total weight of just under 5 pounds.  

The fiberglass handle material is exceptionally durable and stands up to continuous use.

In addition, the slimmer handle design makes this compact tool easy for many individuals, even with smaller hands or swinging mobility. 


  • Lightweight fiberglass handle material
  • Easy to maneuver 


  • The handle can be hard to maintain proper grip when wet or while using gloves

4. Estwing Double-Headed Axe

best double bit throwing axe review

Estwing makes terrific Drake Off-Road double-bit felling axes that have the versatility for also chopping branches and cutting kindling.

The genuine leather grip ensures proper handling during strenuous chopping for added safety.

The forged steel construction provides exceptional durability and maximum strength for those tough jobs while ensuring longevity in these double-bit axes.

Estwing continues to create superior products right in the US, as they have been for over 90 years. 

They are very sharp and will sink deep into any axe trowing target you throw them at.


  • Exceptional versatility for many uses
  • Genuine leather grip ensures stable handling


  • It can be too heavy to carry for long distances outdoors

5. Truper Double-Bit Michigan Axe

michigan double bit axe

For a lightweight and multi-purpose double side axe, Truper has this terrific Michigan-style product.

It is ideal for many jobs around the yard or while out in the great outdoors. The heat-treated steel blade and wood assembly ensure solid construction and durability for many uses.

If you are searching for a double-bit throwing axe, this Truper option is another option, weighing only 4.4 pounds. A bit better than throwing a heavy duty splitting maul anyway.

Double-bit axe throwing enthusiasts will love the feel of the comfortable hickory handle and prefer its 3.5-pound axe head.


  • Terrific for recreational axe throwing enthusiasts
  • Comfortable hickory handle


  • Blade edges can dull quickly with prolonged use

Best Features Of A Two-Headed Axe

double bit felling axes

Before you rush out and purchase your next two-sided axe, examining these elements can help you make the right choice. 

What tasks you will use your double-bit axe for will help determine which features best suit your situation. 

  • Will you be using it for tree felling or chopping? 
  • Are you strong enough for a sizeable double-bit axe, or would you prefer a smaller, lightweight model? 
  • Do you have a specific handle material in mind? 
  • How often do you use an axe, and for what tasks? 

Ideal Weight

The ideal weight of your next axe will correspond to its construction and handle length.

Naturally, the longer the handle, the more it will weigh, although some materials, such as fiberglass, can be lighter than traditional wood products. 

On average, an excellent double head axe weight will range between 3.5 and 6 pounds, although some models can be as heavy as 7 pounds.

If you are unsure of the ideal weight to use, you can examine many styles and handle lengths as longer handles will carry more weight for felling tasks. 

Consequently, the head weight will provide the striking force you need when chopping and cutting.

The heavier the head is, the more force you can exert into the wood. Although, if the axe head is too heavy, like the Estwing Drake Off-Road Double-Bit Axe, it can be hard to control during swings, creating a safety hazard.  

Ideal Length

The longer handle will be more beneficial if you use your double-bit axe primarily for tree felling.

These models can be approximately 30 inches or more, giving you exceptional swing capabilities. 

Like the Truper Double-Bit Michigan Axe, a shorter style is best for recreational ax throwers when participating in double-bit axe throwing. This length can help you control the movements better during throws and also helps to make it more lightweight. 

Best Type of Handles

The handle material on a double-headed axe may fall onto your personal preference or intended use.

While some users prefer leather for its non-slip properties, others may enjoy the feel of natural wood in their hands. 

For one-piece, forged models, like the Estwing Double-Bit Axe, steel handles will make it extraordinarily durable and long-lasting since it prevents the head from coming loose during chopping.

In addition, fiberglass handles are incredibly lightweight, giving individuals a better choice if weight is a contributing factor. 

In the end, the handle material will also affect the overall cost of your double-bit axe. Therefore, if you are trying to stay within a budget, some options can be more expensive, making them less desirable. 

Single-Bit Vs Double-Edged Axe

double edged axe

Of course, not everyone will want or need a two-sided axe in their tool shed.

A single-bit model will work fine if you do not chop wood often or fall any trees. Naturally, two-headed axes will have a higher price than single head styles, making it a more expensive option. 

Alternatively, if you use it often or enjoy the versatility of having two edges for multiple applications, a double-bit axe can prove beneficial.

This way, you will not have to travel with two items, or your task can take much less time when you have two edges to use at once. 

Double Bit Axe FAQs

For more information, take a look at some common FAQs regarding double-bitted axe products. 

What is a Double-Sided Axe Called?

Historically, Labrys is the Lydian word for a double-sided head model.

Others have associated the double edge style with Viking Battle Axes or war axes, although these uses are speculation and fantasy ideology. 

Some individuals also use the term two-sided or two-headed axe when referring to the double-sided model. 

What Is a Double-Edged Axe Used For?

A double-edged axe is a terrific tool for many uses.

They can sport two separate grind edges for various benefits or have the same grind to help speed up a task without the need to stop and resharpen it.

In addition, they can be used to:

  • Fell trees
  • Split wood
  • Chop roots
  • Cut branches

Consequently, you can keep both sides sharp for cutting or splitting to make a job go quicker. 

Alternatively, some axe-throwing enthusiasts use smaller double-sided axes in recreational activities.

These models are more challenging than single head styles, giving users variety in the sport. 

Who Invented the Double-Bit Axe?

The double-sided axe has been around for centuries throughout history and in several cultures from literature and artwork.

However, many believe that double head models became more commonplace in the 1800s in America as a valuable tool for loggers and settlers in the area.   

The Mann Edge Tool Company manufactured axes and other hand tools in the mid to late 1800s.

Many contemplate that William Mann in Pennsylvania helped play a part in producing and distributing two-headed axes to the masses at this time, giving him credit for this model, even though their history dates back for centuries. 

Did Vikings Use Two-Headed Axes?

According to history, the Vikings carried long single-headed axes and short-hand throwing axes in their arsenal.

Greek mythology describes the double-bladed axe as a weapon of choice for Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths. 

Although you can find many replicas that carry the description of Viking double-headed axes, the possibility of these models in use during that time is rare. 

What Is a Michigan Axe?

A Michigan axe can have one or two heads and is a popular tool for felling trees and splitting wood.

It gained popularity back in the 1860s for many lumberjack tasks and settlement duties. 

It contains a more convex shape with thicker cheeks and a rounded poll end. The corners are rounded, making it distinct from other styles. The Michigan double-bit axe typically has one blade sharper for dual purposes. 

Best Double Head Axe

Finding the best double-bit axes to suit your purpose can be challenging.

You will find many styles to choose from, including different materials, alternative lengths, and sizes. 

Overall, the small Estwing Axe will provide you with the best product due to its durable construction and minimized vibration in a long-lasting model.

Although the runner-up, the Helko Werk Hinterland Axe offers exceptional craftsmanship and will be a terrific alternative for anyone needing a two-sided style. 

Be sure to keep in mind your purpose for this two-sided tool, how often you will use it, and if you have any preferences for materials and style. Once you consider these elements, it can help you narrow down your choices for the best double-bit axe.

For more handcrafted European-made axes, take a look at these Gransfors Bruks Axes.


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