The Helko Werk Förster Axe Set: A Collection Of 7 Axes, Hatchets, And Mauls

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I was scrolling on Amazon and spotted this awesome 1844 Helko Werk Axes set.

It’s a 7-piece collection called ‘1844 Helko Werk Germany Förster Set’ containing 7 different axes.

The set is not cheap—as you’d expect for this many high-quality, hand-forged, German-made axes—but it is great.

Helko Werk Axes

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This is the Helko Werk Axe Set, containing seven stunning axes.

The Förster collection contains (from top to bottom):

  • Heavy felling axe – for the largest felling jobs
  • Medium felling axe – a general-purpose axe
  • Light felling axe – for light-cutting work
  • Hatchet – good for camping and yardwork
  • Splitting maul – for splitting logs
  • Fireman’s hatchet – great for light demolition
  • Sappi – used for lifting and shifting logs

This set can be used for everything from felling trees and pruning branches to splitting logs and cutting up kindling for the fire.

Use these tools in the forest, around the home, while camping, or in the garden.

It’s all that most people will need for anything you’re likely to come across in life, and much more than most people will ever need.

You might even be able to use the fireman’s hatchet as a throwing axe… what do you think?

Helko Werk German Made Axes

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The Helko Werk Axe Set is drop-forged in Germany from high-carbon steel.

The blacksmith makes these axes, mauls, and hatchets by hand.

Their site states:

The blacksmith does this work on a drop forge, using tongs to hold and shape the hot steel as a hammer falls repeatedly onto it. The drop hammer runs continuously at remarkable speed, requiring a highly skilled and time-tested smith.

The hand-eye coordination and judgment required for this process can only come from years of experience, as every split-second decision ultimately affects the shape and integrity of the final product.

That goes some way toward explaining why they cost a bit more than alternative axe brands, but the same care goes into their axe handles as well.

They are made from Grade A American hickory, and the handles are heat treated, oil-hardened, and black dipped for grip. Some tools, such as the hatchet in the Forster set have an ash handle – the rest are hickory.

And they’ve been doing this since 1844.

The Förster Axe Set

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This Helko Werk Axe Set is a commercial line of axes that can be used professionally.

However, they are not the premium Helko Werk Axes, which cost more and are even tougher than this range.

Here’s a little more info about each of the axes in the Forster set:

  1. Heavy felling axe – 35″ length, head 4.5 lbs, total 6.5 lbs
  2. Medium felling axe – 31″ length, head 3.5 lbs, total 5.5 lbs
  3. Light felling axe – 28″ length, head 2.5 lbs, total 4 lbs
  4. Hatchet – 15″ length, head 1.5 lbs, total 2 lbs
  5. Splitting maul – 36″ length, head 6.5 lbs, total 8.5 lbs
  6. Fireman’s hatchet – 20″ length, head 2.25 lbs, total 3 lbs
  7. Sappi – 15″ length, head 1.25 lbs, total 1.75 lbs

The set includes a great range of both small and large axes.

The heavy felling axe is rated for felling large trees.

Premium Helko Werk Axes

helko werk review

Helko Werk does manufacture many other axes that make up their premium range.

View them on Amazon where you’ll find the following:

  • Classic Line
  • Traditional Line
  • Vario 2000 (pictured above)
  • Frontier Collection

As well as the leather shop for sheaths, oils, and waxes, and a solid collection of tools and accessories.

You can also find vintage Helko Werks Axes on eBay or Etsy here.

Both those platforms have a fantastic, ever-changing range of collectible, vintage, and new Helko Werks Axes. Just double-check for the Helko Werk mark.

While the Helko Werk Axe Set that I’ve shared with you today doesn’t contain a double bit axe or a splitting axe, there’s certainly an awesome range here to keep most people happy.

Images from the Helko Werks photo gallery.


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