Stihl MS 170 Replacement Chain Size For 12, 14, And 16-Inch Bars

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What is the right chain size for the STIHL MS 170?

The correct chain specs are:

  • Type: Picco Micro Mini 3 (61 PMM3), Type 3610
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8″ P / 9.32 mm
  • Drive Link Gauge: 1.1mm / .043″
  • Sprocket: 6-tooth for 3/8″ P

The MS 170 is sold with a 12, 14, or 16-inch bar (30, 35, or 40 cm) and the correct chain will depend on your bar length. The difference between chain lengths is measured in drive links.

You can buy new Stihl MS 170 chains online:

Chain requirements for the MS 170 and the MS 170 C with Ergo Start are identical. They do not need different chains. The MS 170 and MS 180 use the same chains as well.

While STIHL brand chains are most recommended for use with the MS 170, there are good chains made by other brands as well. Oregon chainsaw chains are the best and these can be found on Amazon or Home Depot.

If you also needed a new MS 170 chainsaw bar, or want to upgrade to a larger bar, Stihl actually sells bar and chain kits (and so does Oregon).

stihl ms 170 bar and chain upgrade
14-inch Stihl bar and chain kit

Through Stihl, the kits come with the bar length of your choice and 2 compatible chains. The best place to buy these is through your local dealer, whether that be a small locally owned store, an Ace Hardware, or other big box hardware store.

Installing a new chain is fairly straightforward. Ensure it matches the specifications for the model, such as the 3/8″ pitch and 0.043″ drive link gauge. Align the chain properly with the sprocket and guide bar, making sure the cutting teeth are facing the correct direction.

Tension the chain appropriately so that it fits snugly but still moves freely around the bar; a chain that is too tight or too loose can cause operational issues. Lastly, double-check all connections and test the chainsaw at a low speed before regular use.


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