3 BEST Combination Chainsaw Canisters For Fuel And Bar Oil

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Here are some of the best chainsaw fuel and oil combi cans and where you can get them.

Husqvarna and STIHL canisters are harder-wearing and have the best features, but most cheaper alternatives aren’t bad either.

First up, this is the Husqvarna Combi Can 5 + 2.5L.

combination canisters

It has a 5-liter fuel/oil container and a 2.5-liter bar oil tank.

The nozzles are designed to allow fueling without splashing or waste. It has a holder on the side for necessary tools – like a scrench – and a window to see how much fuel or oil you have left.

Next up, the STIHL Kombi Can.

stihl kombi cans fuel oil

This is slightly larger than the Husky option, holding 5 liters of fuel and 3 liters of bar oil.

They sell it in orange, as above, or in a transparent version. It also has a tool holder, but the pouring nozzles aren’t as good as the Husky Combi Can. However, it will match your STIHL Chainsaw!

Lastly, this Oregon “Economic Combi Can” is more budget-friendly.

oregon economic combi can

The Oregon version holds the same volume as the STIHL canister – 5 liters of fuel and 3 liters of chain oil.

It has basic screw caps and a single nozzle that is screwed on. It’s a no-frills combi can for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

These three combi cans are by far the most popular and well-reviewed. Next up, have you ever thought about using an alternative bar oil like used motor oil…?


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