Rare STIHL 045 AVEK German Bundeswehr Army Chainsaw

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This is a rare 1987 STIHL 045 AVEK German Bundeswehr Chainsaw.

The owner, Gary, shared these pictures in several chainsaw Facebook groups. Because it’s such a great saw, we asked if we could share them here, too.

He said that was fine, so here we go.

Gary works at an outdoor equipment company. 

In his post in the Chainsaw Repair group, he shared:

Had a customer come into the Parts Department asking if anyone collected chainsaws.

They said yes and came and got me. He had an old Silver King as well as this NOS Stihl 045 military saw in the box.

The saw has white death but I still could not pass it up.

It’s an almost complete kit with the original box and documentation, and it’s new old stock, so it got plenty of attention.

  • James said, “Cool to see brand new vintage stuff.”
  • Paul said, “That is just awesome! Great find, and good luck!”
  • Zapp said, “Uncommon to see a 045 with a brake.”
  • Willis said, “Holy grail type find.”
  • Brad said, “Amazing!!! That’s a once-in-a-lifetime find.”
  • Lance said, “That is the coolest find I have ever seen. I’ve been collecting saws for 35 years and have never seen anything like that!”

Someone else asked what he paid for it, to which he replied:

Though unused, the saw is not in good condition.

I bought it more for the box and contents, price is immaterial as when was the last time you saw one?

It’s undoubtedly rarer than this Husqvarna 281 XP army saw we shared in another post.

rare stihl 045 avek

Here’s more of the story from Gary in another group:

I posted this yesterday on the Chainsaw Repair page and it was suggested the folks here might be interested in seeing it.

I work at an “outdoor living” dealership, (tractors, boats, zero turns, ATV/UTV, OPE, etc.) and a fellow came in the Parts Department and asked if anyone collected saws. They came and got me and I went outside with the seller.

He had this military 045 brand new in the case along with an old Silver King. The military kit is almost complete, missing the gloves and padlock and has a NOS bar and 7 chains new in the box.

While the saw is unfueled, it has been attacked by the white death and has corrosion damage. After some negotiation and scraping together the money it is mine. I currently have it on display in the dealership.

He also shared that the “guy I bought it from purchased it at a government auction years ago.”

stihl magnesium rot chainsaw

Some of the comments from that group:

  • Dennis said, “That is so cool!! Congratulations on owning a piece of history!”
  • Louis said, “That’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on this page! Very nice.”
  • Sam said, “That’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one hell of a rare piece to have landed on your lap.”
  • Kai said, “These are very rare in Germany too.”

John said:


Hard to find air filters, but I suspect this one won’t see much use.

Too bad about the white death.

How does one arrest that?

045 white death

White death is another term for magnesium rot or magnesium corrosion. It is a common issue in older chainsaws with magnesium alloy components.

Magnesium is lightweight and strong, making it ideal for chainsaw bodies and other parts. However, it is highly reactive and prone to corrosion, especially when exposed to moisture, salts, and acids.

To some extent, it can be treated with cleaning, dry storage, protective coatings, and regular checks and maintenance.

stihl military bund box

After a time, Gary decided to let someone else have a turn owning this unique piece of history.

For Sale

BUND (Stihl 045 AVEK) Military Chainsaw

Best offer over $1000


I am selling my NOS Stihl 045 AVEK chainsaw in the original military box with accessories. This includes the saw, new bar (may be newer than saw), 7 unopened chains in sealed boxes, cutting wedge, 2 felling wedges, fuel and oil canisters, instruction manual, tool kit and parts list. It is missing the gloves and padlock.


The box is in good shape, structurally sound with normal shelf wear. It opens, closes and latches as it should. I suspect this weighs in excess of 85 pounds so it would need to be picked up unless express arrangements are made otherwise.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to it going to a good home.

Here’s a list of what was originally in the box.

list of what's included in 045 avek box

As you can imagine, there were plenty more comments:

  • Jason said, “That is awesome!! I have never seen one! Thanks for showing!”
  • Mike said, “That’s so cool and badass. I wish I had $1,000. I’d buy it right now, but sadly, I don’t.”
  • Tim said, “Well worth it. I’ve seen them go for 2k.”
  • Joseph said, “That is pretty cool. I wish I had the extra money. I would definitely buy it.”

And Kai said:

The standard 045 is round about 200 in Europe, only the green colour makes a lot of money… and for sure the box.

Gary did sell the 045 kit, so it’s been passed on to its new owner.

The 045 AVE’s specs:

  • Displacement: 75 cc / 4.57 cu in
  • Power: 4.7 hp / 3.45 kW
  • Bore: 50 mm / 2.0″
  • Stroke: 38 mm / 1.52″

Other versions of the 045 include the 045 AVE Super, which was 87 cc (54 mm bore), and the Super II, which was the same.

meaning of k on stihl army chainsaws

Information on the tag:



Type 045 AVEK

Nr. 15794858 Baujahr 1987

Andreas Stihl


Translated and interpreted:

BUND = designates models produced specifically for the German military, referred to as the “Bundeswehr.”

2805-12-305-6027 = the army/military number

Type 045 AVEK = model 045 with AntiVibration, electronic ignition, and chain brake

Nr. 15794858 = serial number; Baujahr 1987 = Year of construction 1987

Andreas Stihl = the man who started the company

Waiblingen = the location of the German headquarters of STIHL

The ‘K’ in AVEK is an unusual way to designate the chain brake. It stands for Kettenbremse, which translates to ‘Chain brake.’ However, on most Stihl saws, it’s listed as Q for Quickstop.

what's in the military box

All in all, this is an incredible kit.

As shared above, it’s only missing the original bar, gloves, and padlock. What’s more, it’s never been used. I suspect it never will be.

old stihl army chainsaw chain

If you know more about this 045 German army chainsaw, please share it in the comment section below.

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