Opening Beer And Wine Bottles With A Chainsaw – Yes, There’s A Guiness Record

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There are more official world records relating to chainsaws than you might imagine.

Juggling chainsaws is to be expected, but the number of crown cap beer bottles opened with a chainsaw? 

Less expected, I think.

But yes, there is a world record for opening bottles with a chainsaw in a minute –  it’s currently 37 and it’s held by Ashrita Furman, a man who has the record for the most amount of records!

Opening Bottles With A Chainsaw

The spotlight video above shows Florida man John Nicholson breaking the record for most beer bottles opened with a chainsaw.

He took the record in 2014 with 18 bottles opened.

The rules include:

  • The bottle has to remain intact
  • Glass cannot be chipped
  • Only the cap can be removed

John is using a gas-powered Homelite chainsaw for the record – an unusual choice, one would think, but we also covered this Homelite chainsaw guitar conversion in an earlier post.

Since John broke the record in 2014, it has since been beaten at least two more times, and he no longer holds it.

As stated above, the current record is held by Ashrita Furman.

He is (or was) the guy who has the most records in the Guinness World Record book.

He has set more than 600 records and currently holds over 500 – one of them being the most crown cap bottles opened with a chainsaw!

He’s certainly been a busy guy.

Other records he holds (or has held) include:

  • Underwater pogo stick jumping
  • Many land-rowing records
  • Mile hula-hoop record

He even broke the record for underwater juggling, something he did for 48 minutes.

So, with his known and proven records with chainsaws and juggling, the current holder of the chainsaw juggling record better watch out!

Anyway, Ashrita hold the ‘open beer with chainsaw’ record with 37 total bottles opened in 1 minute.

He completed this feat on the 17th of November, 2020 in Jamaica, New York, USA.

The listing on Guinness World Records states,

Ashrita is a serial record-breaker and has achieved over 200 Guinness World Records titles.

And I can only agree!

One of his other chainsaw records was ‘the longest duration balancing a chainsaw on the chin.’

open beer with chainsaw
Source: Guinness World Records

This record was later claimed by David Rush.

David broke this record on the 8th of December 2021 holding the chainsaw in place for 37:56 minutes – imagine the neck pain after that!

Open Beer With A Chainsaw

The Slow-Mo guys also have a video on opening bottles.

It’s fascinating to see that it is all about getting a single chain tooth to hit the crown cap and it will come off.

You want it to only hit the cap, or else it will chip the glass.

They’re using a Husqvarna chainsaw and it seems to get the job done!

Popping A Wine Bottle Cork With Chainsaw


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Lastly, this video of the Simply Wines crew opening a wine bottle with a battery-powered chainsaw.

This is probably the dodgiest video of the lot and shouldn’t be imitated!

There’s definitely a bit of flying glass off that wine bottle, right?

I’d be wanting the Pfanner Protos arborist helmet on before giving that a go.

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