Is This The Fastest Way To Unload Firewood From A Pickup Truck Bed?

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Is the Loadhandler an effective truck bed unloader?

It’s not a motorized or electric pickup unloader like other options, but it has a hand-cranked lever you turn to move the load on a conveyor belt.

The largest size – the LH3000 – can shift up to 3000-pound loads of gravel, rock, or – my favorite – firewood!

The truck bed conveyor seems to be the most well-reviewed and can shift the largest loads.

Best Truck Bed Unloader

The Loadhandler does appear to be the best truck bed unloader out there.

There are other similar models, as you can see in the table above, but the Loadhandler can handle the greatest loads.

Both models, the LH3000 and the LH2200 have maximum limits of over 2000-pounds, which seems to be the limit for most other conveyors out there.

They say…

Loadhandler is designed to safely and simply unload your trailer, ute, or pickup in just a matter of seconds.

Made from heavy-gauge, low-friction poly-fabric, you’ll be able to unload up to one-tonne (2200 lbs) without any backbreaking lifting.

With a simple setup and packdown, you can take your Loadhandler to any job site for any project. 

And the videos really make it look easy.

Even if you check out the non-promotional YouTube videos, users all seem to agree that it’s a great product, especially if you can find it on sale like the guy in this next video.

And as you can see in the title, he overloaded the Loadhandler, and it still performed well.

I think it’s a great idea for unloading firewood – especially for those with firewood businesses. 

Imagine being able to pull into a customer’s driveway and being able to dump a load of firewood from your pickup in a couple of minutes. 

And it doesn’t matter if you’re dropping a load of heavy cherry wood or oak or something a lot lighter like poplar or pine.

Loadhandler Specs

loadhandler for unloading truck beds

View On AmazonView On Amazon
Max load 3000 lbsMax load 2200 lbs
Weighs 29.9 PoundsWeighs 19 Pounds
62 – 69 in. tailgates50 – 58 in. tailgates

Those are the main differences between the two models, and other than that, they’re basically the same.

The smaller model is for smaller pickups, and the larger model is for large pickups.

Both are said to unload a truck bed ‘in as little as 30 seconds’ – though I think you’d have to have your arm cranking at warp speed.

They are easy enough to install and use, and can be uninstalled quickly as well.

They are often used by landscapers, those with firewood or lawn care businesses, and those in the construction industry.

Anyone using a pickup to transport mulch, wood, garden waste, soil, rock, stone, animal feed, and anything else similar might be able to benefit from this truck bed unloader.

I’ve even seen a post by someone transporting and shifting coal for their coal range with the Loadhauler.

Pickup Truck Unloader

electric truck bed unloader

The Loadhandler is definitely one of the best pickup truck unloaders, if not THE best truck bed conveyor.

It’s a heavy-duty unit that can shift some serious weight in a very short amount of time.

For the price, it could end up saving those in business a ton of time on jobs. But that’s not to say that it isn’t for your average homeowner as well, because they can benefit a lot too.

If you’re transporting 3 or more loads of firewood per year in your truck bed it might be worth buying for the time-saving. It makes preparation for winter a lot easier.

Firewood transportation is one of the downsides of having a wood-burning stove, but this gadget can help mitigate those negative aspects.

Have you tried the Load Handler?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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