What Does Husqvarna E-Series Mean? What’s The Difference?

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There’s a lot of confusion about what e-series means on Husqvarna chainsaws. I’ve seen some wild ideas suggested, but I don’t think there’s one straight answer, unfortunately.

It’s a bit like how the C on Stihl Chainsaws means something different depending on the chainsaw model and the period in which it was made. E-series on Husqvarna chainsaws means different things for different chainsaws at different times – kind of.

It’s a Husqvarna designation that’s only on “homeowner” and “landowner” chainsaws, not on the XP or professional chainsaws. Most often e-series means the saw has a tool-less chain tensioning system, but sometimes it doesn’t!

Here are some examples…

E-Series On Husqvarna Chainsaws

e series husqvarna chainsaws
450 vs 450 e-series/455 vs 455 e-series

I found this old Husqvarna chainsaw comparison table on the 2011 Husqvarna website. At this time they were selling both versions of the 450 – the base model and e-series – and the 455 Rancher – the base model and e-series.

The only difference between the features of the 450 and 450 e-series is that the e-series has tool-less chain tensioning. This same table pictured above also compared the technical specs of the 450 versions and they are identical. The only difference, in 2011, at least, is the chain tensioning system. I say “at least” because I personally have a 2017 Husqvarna 450 e-series, and it does NOT have a tool-less chain tensioner (thankfully).

2017 husky 450
2017 Husqvarna 450 e-series

My 450 e-series has a single bar nut and no tool-less chain tensioning system. So we can assume that e-series didn’t mean that in 2017!

The other example from the comparison table is the 455 Rancher and e-series Rancher. In this case, the e-series has a side-mounted chain tensioner and tool-less chain tensioning, whereas the base model does not. You can check the 455/455e manual here and see that throughout the manual it’s the chain tensioning system that sets the 455e apart from the 455. 

Another slight difference between the models is that the 450 e-series weighs 0.2 lbs less than the 450.

e-series weighs less and costs more

Other than this, all the specs and features are the same. I should note that the e-series versions were also more expensive as well, usually by about $20 – $30. This is fairly standard when you’re getting an additional feature, even though it’s one not many people appreciate.

Here are some other examples.

husky e series chainsaw comparisons
235 e-series, 240 e-series, 440 e-series

The 235, 240, and 440 e-series chainsaws all have the tool-less chain tensioning system as well, whereas the non-e-series saws do not.

I think that to start with there were e-series saws with tool-less chain tensioning and non-series without. But then over time Husky phased out the different versions and left the e-series label on the saws.

What E-Series Is Not…

e series meaning ideas

The question ‘What does e-series mean on Husky chainsaws?’ has been asked many times in forums and FB groups, as above. There are lots of ideas.

Here are some of them:

  • Orange Poulan with a husky sticker.
  • E series usually stands for Easy Start.
  • The e series is the brand of saw you would use around the house or farm for just light-duty saw work.
  • I’m guessing economy.
  • Also e series has a wider starter with a helper spring for lighter starting.

And the best answer from that thread was “435 has a standard bar nut. Whereas the 435e has one of those silly lever/turn covers that do not do a good job of tensioning the chain well.”

Some people think e-series is the same as E-TECH, which is not the case. E-TECH is clearly defined here: “The E-TECH engine combines reduced exhaust emissions with a superior power/weight ratio.”

Another idea is that e-series chainsaws have an X-Torq Engine and the base models do not, but that is not so either. When you compare specs from one version to another, they both have X-Torq engines.

Husqvarna E-Series Meaning

husqvarna e-series meaning
The meaning of Husqvarna e-series…?

What does Husqvarna e-series mean?

When the designation first came out, it meant the saw had a toolless chain tensioner rather than bar nuts. But before long e-series was just a marketing label, a bit like Stihl’s Magnum, that didn’t mean anything. 

Most guys find they prefer bar nuts over toolless tensioning systems, so that’s the main thing you need to decide on if you’re looking at buying an e-series chainsaw. Which would you prefer?

Let us know if you have anything else to add to this ‘Husqvarna e-series meaning’ post in the comments below.


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