Dr Stump Grinder Reviews: Features, Specs, Prices, Parts, And BEST Alternatives

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Is the Dr Stump Grinder range any good?

Stump grinders are fast and cost-effective tools for removing stumps from your property. Because your soil might contain dense materials like solid rock, you’ll want a grinder with the durability to handle the job.

Dr Stump Grinders feature carbide-tipped teeth strong enough to cut through solid rock. If you’re working on uneven terrain, their easy-rolling (15″ x 4.75″) knobby tires will climb over any surface without issue.

Even if you’re not familiar with DIY stump removal, simplistic hand controls make operating the equipment a breeze. A lightweight, stainless steel frame helps you finish your work without breaking your back in the process.

Our quick pick for the best stump grinder is the Dr Stump Grinder Premier. However, they each have pros and cons to consider for your final decision.

Dr Power Stump Grinders

DK2 Stump Grinder

  • A 14 horsepower unit that's very portable
  • Great for home and farm use
  • 12-inch cutting head
View On AmazonView On Tractor Supply

Power King Stump Grinder

  • Also 14 hp but has 11 inch cutting teeth
  • Best seller on Home Depot
  • Another good choice for residential use
View On WalmartView On Home Depot

Generac Stump Grinder

  • Another compact stump grinder
  • Great for home and residential use
  • Can be used for infrequent commercial work
View On AmazonView On Acme Tools

NorthStar Stump Grinder

  • For grinding 20" stumps
  • 8 carbide teeth
  • Honda GX390 engine
View On Northern ToolView On Ebay

DOSKO Stump Grinder

  • A range of buying options
  • Mini stump grinder, self propelled, swivel grinder
  • Professional commercial stump grinding
View On AmazonView On Acme Tools

Before you purchase the most premium stump grinder on the market, consider whether you want to go the personal or professional route for stump removal.

If you’re going to remove one stump and never touch the grinder again, it makes more financial sense to let a professional stump grinder handle the job.

Or another alternative is to rent a stump grinder from Home Depot or other outlets.

In scenarios where you’re getting rid of multiple trees or finding diverse uses for the grinder, you’re better off getting one for yourself.

Stumps grinders are also a sound investment if you’re a business owner specializing in tree service.

You’ll have to evaluate what types of stumps you’re working with to select the best grinder for the job. Though it might sound counterintuitive, denser stumps are easier to grind.

Small grinders can handle larger stumps, but you’ll be spending more time on the project.


Take these variables into account when making your decision:

  • Size – You’ll want to find a grinder you can maneuver around your plot of land with ease – at the same, it needs to be large enough to handle your biggest stumps
  • Weight – Choose a weight you can lug around for extended periods – determine transportation requirements if you’re using it in a professional capacity
  • Horsepower – Higher RPM means faster grinding
  • Price – Consider your ROI on the grinder you choose

Check out many more stump grinding FAQs here.

The Dr Stump Grinder Range

Before we share the best stump grinder available, we’ll give a brief overview of what each model has to offer.

In general, they gradually increase in terms of power and price. Each option has different specifications to consider when narrowing down your choice.

Power King Stump Grinders are another similar model to compare before purchase.

1. Dr Stump Grinder Premier – Most Reliable Purchase

dr stump grinder premier model


  • Weight: 124lbs
  • Height: 39in
  • Dimensions: 54.75inL x 35.5inW x 45.25inH
  • Horsepower: 6.6 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,800
  • Oil Capacity: 20oz

Dr Stump’s Premier grinder has the power to tear through any stump you encounter. Making use of its 9.2 HP DR engine, you’ll reduce even the most stubborn stumps down to wood chips in no time.

It’s lighter and easier to maneuver than the competition, but its 12-gauge steel frame has the durability to withstand the toughest jobs.

An intuitive design makes operation a cinch. Wheel locks keep the grinder firmly in place while the cutting head shears away at the stump. Each repetition shaves off an inch of material. Rinse, wash, and repeat until you’re done.


  • Portable without sacrificing durability
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Simple assembly


  • Not as powerful as more expensive options

2. Dr Stump Grinder Pro – Best Heavy Grinder

dr power stump grinder pro


  • Weight: 148lbs
  • Height: 39in
  • Dimensions: 54.75″L x 35.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Horsepower: 9.2 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,800
  • Oil Capacity: 37oz

This slightly heavier grinder is the perfect option for anyone who needs to remove large stumps.

Boasting almost twice as much horsepower, it tackles tough jobs in a fraction of the time.

It has the same dimensions as the Premier but has the added benefit of superior oil capacity. The Stump Grinder Pro works best for longer tasks with continuous grinding.


  • 40% increase in horsepower
  • Able to handle larger stumps
  • Superior oil capacity for longer jobs


  • It may be harder to push than Premier Grinder

3. Dr Stump Grinder Pro XL – Most Powerful Grinder

drstumpgrinder pro


  • Weight: 187lbs
  • Height: 39in
  • Dimensions: 54.75″L x 35.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Horsepower: 11.7 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,800
  • Oil Capacity: 37oz

Looking for the most impressive engine around? The Grinder Pro XL has you covered.

Featuring the most horsepower overall, this grinder has the power to pulverize the toughest woods you’ll find.

The manufacturers made sure to throw in pin and ball hitches to help with transportation because it’s heavier than its counterparts.


  • World-class engine with tremendous horsepower
  • Can demolish even hardwood stumps
  • Includes offroad tow kit


  • The overall size makes it harder to move

4. Dr Stump Grinder Pro XLSP – Runner Up Grinder

dr stumpgrinder


  • Weight: 187lbs
  • Height: 39in
  • Dimensions: 54.75″L x 35.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Horsepower: 11.7 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,800
  • Oil Capacity: 37oz

Move from one stump to another using the least amount of effort with the Grinder Pro XLSP.

Its dual-shift transmission allows you to adjust its driving speed to match your walking pace.

The manufacturers topped its 8 teeth with tungsten carbide, a material 10 times harder than steel.


  • Self-propulsion for simple transportation
  • Mining-grade carbide teeth can drill through rock
  • Includes a protective shroud to protect teeth


  • Can struggle to overcome tougher terrain

5. Dr Stump Grinder Premier CE – Best Engine Startup

dr. stump


  • Weight: 124lbs
  • Height: 40in
  • Dimensions: 54.75″L x 35.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Horsepower: 6.6 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,789
  • Oil Capacity: 20oz

A Briggs & Stratton 9.50 FPT engine powers this variation of the Grinder Premier model.

This option would work best if you’re a fan of the original, but want to support an American business with your money.

The specifications and overall performance are almost identical between both models.


  • Easy-starting Briggs & Stratton 9.50 FPT engine
  • Internal components made in the USA
  • Same cost as the standard model


  • Slightly lower RPM and fuel capacity than the standard model

6. Dr Stump Grinder Pro CE – Best Heavy Duty Grinder

drstumpgrinder com price


  • Weight: 163lbs
  • Height: 40in
  • Dimensions: 54.75″L x 35.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Horsepower: 11.7 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,600
  • Oil Capacity: 37oz

This alternative to the Grinder Pro is optimal if you want something heavier and more robust.

Once again, you’ll have the muscle of the Briggs & Stratton engine at your disposal.

It can cut through stumps of a wider width easier than smaller variations. Easy controls make this model less cumbersome than the competition, despite its size.


  • Electric-starting engine
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 14.50 FPT engine
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • More expensive than standard Pro model

7. Dr Stump Grinder Pro XL CE – Best Premium Engine

dr stump grinder rental


  • Weight: 187lbs
  • Height: 40in
  • Dimensions: 54.75″L x 35.5″W x 45.25″H
  • Horsepower: 11.7 HP
  • Tooth RPM: 2,789
  • Oil Capacity: 37oz

Here you’ll find the most powerful Briggs & Stratton engine amongst all the models.

With the highest speeds, this model will have any stump removal job complete with ease.

The additional speed and power add only weight to the model while keeping the same compact size for ease of use. The added weight also provides better stabilization during extreme grinding tasks.


  • Ideal for the most heavy-duty removal
  • Powered by Briggs & Stratton 16.50 FPT engine
  • Same compact size as other Pro models


  • Most expensive model in the lineup

Dr Stump Grinder Review

Reviews for the most popular Stump Grinders are positive overall. The devices perform well and reduce the time needed to complete difficult jobs.

Users of all ages typically find the grinders easy to handle and assemble. 

The grinders are more portable than the competition on account of their size. As a bonus, they can work deep enough into the ground to remove tree roots.

The electric starting models may save you some headaches. It can take several pulls to get manual engines going.

There are some concerns to consider regarding how secure the components are. The bolts attaching the cutting head to the frame may come loose due to vibration.

Dr Stump Grinder parts are reasonably easy to find online.

Dr Stump Grinder Price And Alternatives

dr stump grinders

As you might expect, the prices increase as the models offer faster grinding.

Here’s a comprehensive price list:

  • Premier – $1,699.99
  • Pro – $1,999.99
  • Pro XL – $2,799.99
  • Pro XLSP – $3,099.99
  • Premier CE – $1,699.99
  • Pro CE – $2,229.99
  • Pro XL CE – $2,799.99

*Prices subject to change

Ebay has used models listed here at the time of writing, but you would really want to view and test a stump grinder before buying (in my opinion).

Other good retailers selling stump grinders include:

Generally speaking, you can get grinders delivered quickly to your home at no additional cost.

Some retailers, such as Acme and Home Depot may also offer pick-up from some locations.

Dr Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders are fantastic devices for keeping your landscape pristine.

The Dr Stump Grinder Premier tops our list for the best grinder. We’re impressed with its price point, overall specs, and portability.

If you’re looking for a little more power, you should opt for The Dr Stump Grinder Pro.

The significant jump in horsepower justifies the price increase. You’ll probably need a large work truck to accommodate its larger size.

Our runner-up is the Dr Stump Grinder Pro XLSP. Though it will hit your wallet the hardest, you can’t beat the convenience of self-propulsion when covering large amounts of ground.

And lastly, here’s what to do if grass won’t grow over old stump.


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