7 TOP Bearded Axe Reviews: Long, Short, And Throwing Skeggox Axes

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Need help trying to find the best-bearded axe for you?

It can be a struggle trying to find the perfect bearded axe, the one that will suit your needs. There are hundreds upon hundreds of bearded axes to purchase from a variety of merchants.

Trying to find the best one can end up feeling like looking for a needle in a haystack. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We’ve scoured through the stores on the internet to bring you the seven best-bearded axes on the market.

Top 7 Bearded Axes

competitive axe throwing

Below are the seven best-bearded axes we could find. You are sure to find something for you on this list!

They are a great type of axe, and everyone should have one (in my opinion)!

1. CRKT Freyr Axe


  • Blade Length: 4.52” 
  • Overall Length: 16.0”
  • Weight: 1.79 lb 

The CRKT Freyr Axe is our first choice for one of the best-bearded axes on the market.

The blade has been forged with hot carbon steel and received passivation treatment to give it corrosion resistance. It is a very durable axe with a handle made from dense Tennessee hickory, made to withstand almost anything. This is one of the most resilient bearded axe on this list, built to last.

It’s a great all-around axe with a few small issues, but its quality speaks volumes through its 4.5-star rating.


  • Durable 
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Good all-around


  • Quality control issues
  • Not throwable

2. Custom Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe

bearded viking axe


  • Blade Length: 5.3”
  • Overall Length: 19”
  • Weight: 1.23 kg 

Etsy is a great place to find beautifully designed axes and the Custom Forged Viking axe is one the best.

It is Nordic-themed with carved patterns and etching on the carbon steel beard of the axe. The handle, made from Ash and Rosewood trees, features a leather wrap. 

Although it has some inconsistencies in quality, it is a very nice bearded axe. It’s easily the most artistically designed axe mentioned here, great for people chasing after that nordic theme!


  • Comes with bearded axe sheath
  • Customizable through the merchant
  • Comfortable to handle 


  • Quality can vary 

3. AxesHouse Bearded Viking Axe

antique bearded axe


  • Blade Length: 5.6” 
  • Overall Length 19” 
  • Weight: 2 lbs

The AxesHouse Bearded Viking axe is another custom bearded axe that is crafted to look like Viking-style axes.

It features etchings on the handle that are nordic runes. A thin leather strap is wrapped around the handle, ending at the top where the bearded axe head is.

The beard is forged with carbon steel, designed to be more than just durable when in use.

This axe is the best overall as it gets so many things right, proven by its 5-star rating on Etsy. 


  • Comes with a leather sheathe 
  • Multiple options for size 
  • Consistent Quality
  • Customizable


  • Not throwable 

4. BOTRADERs Bearded Viking Axe

bearded viking axe


BOTRADER’s Bearded Viking axe is a quality bearded axe with a stainless steel blade.

The blade has been hand forged with 216 layers of 1085 and 15N20 carbon tool steel, with a Nickle layer. Its steel blade has been heat-treated to get a Rockwell Hardness of 58 to 60 HRC.

Its blade also has engravings and a black leather strap wrapped around the top and bottom of the handle.

This is a good quality axe and probably has the most durable blade on this list, while also customizable.


  • Durable blade
  • Customizable 
  • High Quality 
  • Throwable


  • No listed measurements of the axe
  • Not very sharp right out of the box 

5. SOG Camp Axe


  • Blade length: 3.1”
  • Overall length: 11.5”
  • Weight: 1 lb 

The SOG Camp axe is a small bearded axe built to be tactical and versatile.

The blade is stainless steel and the handle is constructed with glass-reinforced nylon. The nylon handle offers an especially good grip and requires little maintenance.

This bearded camp axe has the best value on this list, being the cheapest option while also remaining high quality.


  • Compact and Sturdy 
  • Light weight 
  • Durable 
  • Throwable 
  • Comes with a sheathe 


  • No Viking aesthetic 

6. Norse Tradesman 24″ Viking Battle Axe


  • Blade length: 6 in
  • Overall Length: 24 in
  • Weight 2.16 lbs

The Norse Tradesman Viking Battle Axe is a long bearded axe drawing inspiration from a real Viking axe.

The head is a bearded skeggox axe head forged with EN45 grade high carbon steel.

The steel has been heat-treated to reach 56 to 58 HRC. The handle has a leather wrap made from quality aged teakwood, which is one of the most durable woods available.

This long bearded axe is the closest thing to the Viking axe. It’s a great axe for collectors, cosplayers, or people who just want an authentic-looking Viking axe. 


  • Durable 
  • Accurate replica axe 


  • Cannot cut wood 
  • Cannot be thrown

7. Gränsfors Bearded Axe

norse bearded axe


  • Weight: 1.3 kg 
  • Overall Length: 69 cm

The Gränsfors Bearded Axe is a historical Swedish handmade axe, originating from the early 12th century in Europe.

It is the most expensive bearded axe for sale on this list, and for good reason. The Norse axe goes through an ancient forging tradition, which is a time-consuming and strenuous process. The hickory wood handle holds up a carbon steelhead in a beard shape. 

While the bearded axe does cost quite a bit of money compared to the others, this may be the perfect axe for anyone who wants an authentic Viking axe.

This is the best axe on the list for cutting wood and other general use.


  • Authentic Viking bearded axe
  • Good for cutting wood
  • Comes with a sheathe


  • A limited series.
  • Expensive

Bearded Axe Features

review bearded axe

To find the best-bearded axe for you, you need to figure out what your ideal length, weight, features, and handles are.

It’s easiest to start by getting an axe that comes with a sheathe. An axe is a dangerous weapon without a sheath, it is apt to cause harm at some point without one.

But, more than that, a sheath will also protect the axe from degrading over time. 

You also need to choose the right weight and overall length:

  • Do you want to throw the axe?
  • Or use it to cut and carve wood?

It depends on your preferences, but there is a method to find the best measurements. To find the length you need for an axe, multiply the weight(pounds) of the head by ten(inches).

Although, this method doesn’t work as well if the axe is a heavier weight, so be careful when using it.

If you are only cutting wood, getting a 3-pound and 30-inch axe is perfect. Or if you want a Viking throwing axe, it would have to be 1.5 pounds and 15 inches.

Small and compact axes make for better throwing axes, while large and long bearded axes are better for cutting wood. So it is up to you what size you get. 

Best Handle Materials

You have to consider the handle when purchasing a bearded axe.

The most common choice is a wooden handle, which is the best. The wooden handle has an overall better look and feels than other materials. But that doesn’t mean others are bad.

Reinforced plastic and metal handles are the other materials commonly used in handles.

Reinforced Plastic is often sturdier than wood and lighter. But plastic can get nicked and worn down in ways that wood wouldn’t.

This can lead to your handle being uncomfortable to handle. And if that happens to replace it can be difficult, so it can be annoying to deal with.

Metal handles are even sturdier than reinforced plastic but tend to be way heavier than the other two options. It can also be difficult to replace if it gets damaged.

Most camping axes have metal handles though, but that’s about all it is useful for. 

Wood is just the better choice of material. It’s cheaper, wears down nicely, and can be easily replaced, unlike the other materials.

Just sand down your axe handles if there is no leather strap for grip.

Some handles will have a varnished surface which can get very slippery when wet. This can lead to accidents that could harm you or someone else. 

There are plenty of choices to make when trying to purchase a bearded axe, so take your time to find the one that’s for you.

Bearded Throwing Axes

Bearded throwing axes are commonly used for recreation, and many places let you go axe throwing.

There is even a World Axe Throwing League. Bearded throwing axes are compact bearded axes that are light and easy to handle. A good bearded throwing axe was already recommended earlier as one of the beast bearded axes on the market.

The SOG Camp Axe is one of the best bearded axes for throwing, being cost-effective and small.

Bearded Axe FAQs 

What is a bearded axe used for?

The bearded axe has been used for wood cutting, splitting, carving, and throwing since 400 BC.

These axes were used in battles fought by Vikings during the Nordic periods.

Why is it called a bearded axe?

It is called the bearded axe because of the elongated blade that extends below the butt of the axe.

What is the difference between a bearded axe and a hand AXE?

The hook shape of the head is the main difference between the two.

Is a bearded axe good for splitting wood?

Yes, the larger and heavier ones are good for splitting large amounts of wood.

Did Vikings actually use axes?

Yes, there are many artefacts of axes from Scandinavia tracing as far back as 600 BC. 

What is a Viking AXE called?

A Danish axe.

Why did Vikings use axes instead of saws?

Viking style axes were cheaper and easier to use. Vikings also used the Nordic axe to create their famous longboats.

What was the Viking axe used for?

The Vikings used the axe for different things, it is one of the most versatile weapons created. It was, of course, used mainly for battle, but it was also used for farming, cutting wood, and crafting their boats.

What was the best Viking weapon?

Now, we might be a little biased, but the Bearded axe was the best Viking weapon, hands down.

The axe was lighter than other weapons, but the bearded axe was even better because of its blade design. The beard design gave the axe a much longer cutting edge without sacrificing weight.

It could also be a hook or a blunt weapon with the back end of the head.

Best Bearded Axes

So, what is the best-bearded axe?

That honor goes to the AxesHouse Bearded Viking axe.

It’s quality across the board: from the aesthetic to the weight, length, and even features. It’s affordable, to boot.

This axe is the closest to having a real Skeggox axe. And the fact you can customize it is just the cherry on top.

A close runner-up is the CRKT Freyr Axe.

It’s basic-looking and the company’s quality control can be questionable. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic bearded axe.

BOTRADER’s Bearded Viking axe is good if you want a sturdier axe that has the AxesHouse Bearded Viking axe aesthetic. Both of these are solid runner-ups.

Hopefully, you will now have an easier time finding your dream axe. The sheer number of bearded axes on the market can make searching for one daunting, but our list is an excellent place to start.

Next up, check out these two-sided axes – some are even bearded!


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