STIHL Crop Circles: Making Art With Battery Powered Tools

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In a striking display of outdoor artistry, Sue Norman unveiled a magnificent 43m ‘crop circle’ in the lush grasses adjacent to a scout camp in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.

This surreal display wasn’t created by any alien force, but rather with the adept use of battery-powered STIHL tools. The discovery of this enormous masterpiece wasn’t made by ground observers but by a local drone aficionado soaring the skies.

The unexpected art piece soon became a local sensation, leading many residents to speculate and wonder about the sudden appearance of these captivating, extraterrestrial-like patterns.

Here’s the full story from a New Zealand news channel…

And STIHL’s video reveals more about how it was done…

The most unusual thing about this was that it wasn’t done as a STIHL April Fools prank – something they’re well known for. It was to show how quiet and precise Stihl battery mowers and trimmers can be.

stihl crop circles

Campaign Brief shared:

STIHL battery power tools are so precise, so portable, and so quiet, that anyone can do out-of-this-world things in the garden.

STIHL worked with renowned artist Sue Norman – who is either from Australia or Alpha Centauri, we can’t remember – to create a crop circle (grass circle?) using only STIHL battery gardening tools, some rope, and a bit of clever thinking.

The STIHL battery range combines precision engineering with incredibly light and quiet operation, making these tools the obvious choice for anyone who wants to experience total freedom in the garden.

It was a fun way to market their cordless battery-powered tools. I’m certainly a fan of their chainsaws, such as the MSA 140, which are really handy for quick and easy pruning around the garden.


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