Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven Review: Specs, Features, Price, Wood, And Comparisons

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The Ooni Fyra is the smallest and cheapest Ooni pizza oven.

It has a 13 x 13″ pizza stone which means you can cook pizzas with a maximum diameter of 12 inches – hence the name ‘Ooni Fyra 12.’

It’s fueled by wood pellets and cannot be used with other types of fuel like propane, natural gas, or charcoal. 

However, if that’s what you’re looking for – a small wood fire pizza oven that heats up quickly and cooks pizza fast – it’s great.

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

Ooni Fyra 12

  • Wood pellets
  • Pizza stone: 13 x 13"
  • Smallest and cheapest
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Ooni Koda 12

  • Propane
  • Pizza stone: 13 x 13″
  • Easy to set up and use
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Ooni Koda 16

  • Propane
  • Pizza stone: 16 x 16"
  • For larger pizzas
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Ooni Karu 12

  • Wood, charcoal, or propane
  • Pizza stone: 13 x 13″
  • Multifuel for flavor variety
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Ooni Karu 16

  • Wood, charcoal, or propane
  • Pizza stone: 16.7 x 24.5″
  • The entertainers oven
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Ooni Pro 16

  • Wood, charcoal, or propane
  • Pizza stone: 17.7 x 17.7"
  • The largest Ooni pizza oven
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The Ooni Fyra pizza oven uses wood pellets as fuel, reaching internal temperatures of 950ºF or 500ºC.

With temperatures that high, the pizza is cooked in a minute or less.

Who doesn’t love pizza that comes that fast?

The structure itself has an insulated, carbon steel shell, while the detachable chimney is made of stainless steel.

Since the Ooni Fyra uses wood pellets, it needs to have a fuel dispenser, also known as a ‘hopper.’

A hopper works by feeding fuel into the back of the oven.

You can’t feed fuel through the front door of the oven, the wood pellets go in the back. That’s where the fuel hopper comes in.

Once the flames are high enough, you can pour more pellets through the hopper.

You can see how to do this in the video above, along with:

  • How to light the Ooni Fyra
  • How the chimney baffle system works
  • When to add more wood pellets to the fire

The video also shows good pizza turning techniques, which is something that comes with experience.

Every 15 – 20 seconds it’s important to spin the pizza so that each side has a turn in front of the flames.

Also, you should check the internal temperature of the oven.

The more wood pellets you put in, the higher the temperature, but be careful not to smother the flame with too many pellets at once.

The wood pellets should heat your oven to 950ºF in about 15 minutes.

The wood pellets add a smoky flavor to your pizza’s crust, compared to a propane gas oven.

Some people enjoy the added flavor, while others don’t find it appealing.

ooni fyra review

One of the best features of the Ooni Fyra 12 is its portability.

Coming in at 22 pounds, you can disassemble the oven for easier transport.

You can remove the chimney, the cordierite stone baking board, and the fuel hopper to make the unit even lighter.

A bag of wood pellets from Ooni only weighs an extra 6.5 pounds, making this unit ultra-portable.

Since the Fyra uses wood pellets, you also need a dry environment to store them.

If they get wet, it may take ages to reach the temperatures you need to cook pizza.

If the weather is too humid, it can cause delays in the cooking process too.

Ooni Fyra 12 Specs

how to make pizza ooni fyra

The most important things that you need to know about this pizza oven have been said already.

It’s a hard-wood pellet pizza oven that makes pizza up to 12 inches in diameter.

Other important specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15.5” width x 22.7” length x 28.6” height (including chimney)
  • Cooking Surface: 13.2” x 13.2”
  • Materials: Carbon steel shell, cordierite stone, stainless steel chimney, hopper, and tray
  • Fuel Type: Hardwood pellets
  • Weight: 22 pounds

The Ooni Koda is a propane gas alternative to the Fyra, and it can be more convenient as it doesn’t have a chimney.

Ooni Fyra 12 Unboxing

You can see what comes with an Ooni Fyra in the video above.

It comes with:

  • Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven with foldable legs
  • Detachable oven door
  • Cordierite baking stone
  • Detachable two-part chimney
  • Chimney cover
  • Fuel hopper
  • Fuel tray
  • Flamekeeper (keeps flames away from your pizza)

You will also be able to see how to set up an Ooni Fyra in the video as well.

One of the important things to keep in mind when lighting the Fyra is to have the chimney vent open. 

Having the vent closed will prevent the smoke from drawing up the chimney and will prevent the fire from taking hold.

It’s good to close the vent once the temperature has been reached and your pizza is in the oven – that will give your pizza that perfect smokey flavor.

Ooni Fyra Review

I really like the Ooni Fyra.

It’s a fun pizza oven that takes a little bit of getting used to – but that’s true of anything worth doing, right?

It cooks delicious professional looking and tasting pizza that’s so much better than your regular home oven.

A wood-burning cookstove is another option, but there’s something extra special about being able to cook your pizza outside on the porch.

Overall, if you’re wanting a simple wood-burning pizza oven, the Fyra is excellent.

Ooni Fyra Pros

  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Solid materials used in construction
  • Wood pellets give pizza a distinct taste
  • Reaches 950ºF in 15 minutes
  • Fuel hopper for easy refueling
  • Cordierite baking stone is strong and durable

Ooni Fyra Cons

  • Wood pellets can’t become moist
  • High humidity wreaks havoc on the wood pellets
  • Cleanup takes roughly an hour
  • Wind can disrupt the flames

Who Should Buy The Fyra Pizza Oven?

ooni fyra outdoor pizza oven

If you’ve never owned a pizza oven before, the Fyra 12 is a good option.

The wood pellets and chimney can make perfecting pizza a bit tricky, but there are so many resources that can help you.

As long as you’re willing to experiment and learn with the Ooni Fyra, you’ll pick it up quickly.

You can make pizzas with unique and exceptionally well-tasting crusts.

With wood pellet fuel, you can even give your pizza a certain taste you can only find at a traditional pizzeria.

The Ooni Fyra is good for:

  • Personal use – it heats up quickly and is cheap to run
  • As a family pizza oven – there’s no doubt you’ll create memories
  • Entertaining guests – cook a lot of pizza fast

The only reason to upgrade to another Ooni Pizza oven is if you wanted to use others fuels or make larger pizza.

For example, the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven is a much larger unit that can be used with wood, charcoal, or propane.

Ooni Fyra Vs Ooni 3

The Ooni Fyre replaced the old Ooni 3 pizza oven, which has now been discontinued.

The Ooni 3 was one of the most popular pizza ovens in the world, but it was ready for some improvements.

Differences include:

  • New powder-coated steel shell ages better
  • Stylish modern design
  • Improved pellet hopper
  • 2.2 lbs lighter
  • Better fuel efficiency – burns 40% less fuel

As stated in the comparison video, Ooni Fyra is about high temperatures and fast pizza.

The new Fyra is an improved version of the Ooni 3, and if you liked the older model you are sure to love the new Fyra.

Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven

The Ooni Fyra is an excellent wood pellet pizza oven.

If you would like the option to use propane or charcoal, plus have the opportunity to make a larger pizza, go for the Ooni Karu 16.

Both the Karu 12 and 16 are multifuel, with the latter coming with a 16 x 24″ pizza stone.

The Fyra is a great price, makes great pizza, and is more than enough to keep most pizza lovers happy.

You’ll be joining tens of thousands of others in enjoying this pellet pizza oven.

Cooking pizza in a proper oven like these is much easier than trying to cook them in a chiminea or other outdoor fireplace.


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