Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener Review: The Original G-106B And The 12V Grind-N-Joint

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Which Granberg Chainsaw Sharpener is best?

They have two models: a manual bar-mounted sharpener and an electric bar-mounted grinder. Both are designed and manufactured in the USA.

The manual model has been exceptionally popular over the years and has sold many thousands of units. It’s known as one of the best of its kind. The electric model was released later but is also a favorite among loggers and homeowners alike.

Here’s what you need to know about these two great sharpeners before deciding which (if any) is best for you.

Grandberg Sharpener and Grinder

granberg portable electric chainsaw sharpener

Replacement or additional Granberg Grinding Stones for the electric model can be picked up on Amazon here.

Why are the Grandberg bar mount chainsaw sharpeners so popular?

Why are they considered one of the best chainsaw sharpeners out there?

The main reason is that they get the job done quickly and accurately. They are effective tools for ensuring your saw is sharpened correctly and will perform well when needed.

However, here are a few other reasons customers love the brand:

  • Very fairly priced
  • Designed and manufactured in America
  • Granberg International is a trusted US family-owned company
  • Granberg is an expert in the chainsaw niche (also manufacture chainsaw mills)
  • Helpful online resources showing how to use Grandberg sharpeners correctly

They are not just another Amazon seller selling shoddily made products that won’t last the distance. These sharpeners are more heavy-duty and harder wearing than many alternatives out there. They should go the distance over many years.

1. Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener


The Granberg Manual Bar-Mounted Sharpener has proved to be extremely popular over the years.

It attaches to the chainsaw bar and then provides the best positioning for your file (not included with the system). It’s a hard-wearing file holder made in California from cast aluminum and zinc-coated steel.

It can be used for basically any chainsaw chain. Because you are providing the file yourself, you just need to ensure you have the right one for the pitch and gauge of your chain.

best bar mount chainsaw sharpener

  • Lets you accurately match the chain manufacturer’s angles
  • Set it up on your chainsaw bar quickly
  • Correctly lowers depth gauge

The is a bit of a learning curve to using this type of sharpener, but once you’ve got it things can be completed much faster. It’s also a way to learn how to file a chainsaw manually without any aids.

Here is a good guide on how to use the Granberg manual sharpener.

If you search the big chainsaw groups on FB for chainsaw sharpening, you’ll find that one of these two Granberg sharpeners comes up almost every time. They really help to get a sharp accurate blade on your saw.


  • Big help for accurate sharpening
  • Easy to use once you’ve got it down
  • Made in the USA


  • Learning curve when starting out
  • Not as quick as freehand (but it’s easier for beginners)

2. Granberg Grind-N-Joint 12V Hand Held Chain Grinder


The Granberg 12v G1012XT Precision Grinder also receives its fair share of praise.

This electric bar-mounted sharpener is to be used with a car/truck battery or another portable battery pack. 

As with the manual model, this one also takes a little bit to get used to. The time is spent setting it up correctly for that first tooth and after that you can quickly work through the others.

Check out this video on how to use the Granberg Grind-N-Joint sharpener.

Once you’ve got it figured out, this is a way to very quickly get a chain that’s as accurate as a factory sharpen – especially if you’re doing many chains at once.

The other big benefit of these bar-mounted sharpeners is that you don’t need to remove and re-attach the chain to your bar. Many other electric chainsaw sharpeners require you to remove the chain before sharpening.


  • Fast accurate sharpening
  • Allows for very sharp chains
  • Don’t need to remove the chain


  • Learning curve
  • Not for use in power outlet (you need a 12v battery)

3. Oregon Professional Compact 120-Volt Bench Grinder (Best Alternative)


The Oregon Bench Mounted Chain Grinder is a more professional alternative, while the Oregon Sure Sharp is a cheaper bar-mounted alternative.

Oregon is well known for its chainsaw sharpening tools and accessories. There is even the Oregon Self Sharpening chainsaw, a unique electric chainsaw.

Most of their products are made in China, rather than in the USA like Granberg. This often makes them cheaper, but the quality isn’t always quite the same. Also, they are lacking some of the features and abilities.

However, the Oregon chainsaw sharpening range is a good alternative to Granberg International and worth considering if Granberg doesn’t have quite what you’re looking for.

Besides the bench and bar-mounted sharpener, they have:

  • Handheld electric chain grinder
  • Chain sharpening kits
  • A range of bench-mounted grinders

They are mostly well-reviewed and can be expected to give decent results.

Granberg Chain Sharpener

So are the Granberg Chainsaw Sharpeners any good?

We think so. They have huge support in the chainsaw community and have been well used on both loggers chainsaws and homeowner chainsaws alike.

As with all new things, you need to learn how to use them correctly to get the most out of them. It does take a little bit of time to get the hang out of it, but once you’re away, you’re away.

It doesn’t really need to be said, but it’s important to have a sharp chainsaw and to have it done properly. It makes the chainsaw perform better and safer. A sharp saw will cut through wood faster and won’t put so much strain on the engine.

It’s worth putting the time into learning how to sharpen a chainsaw properly, and these Granberg tools can help you do just that. Read the reviews on the listings and then, if it sounds like what you need, don’t hesitate to get one yourself.

Also, use the best bar and chain oil to also protect your chain and improve performance.


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