100 Gift Ideas For RV And Camper Owners

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When the open road calls, RV owners answer with enthusiasm. The joy of exploration, freedom of travel, and the comfort of a mobile home are what RV living is all about.

However, living on the move calls for specific equipment and accessories to enhance the experience, streamline the journey, and maximize comfort. So, whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a dedicated RV enthusiast, or you’re an RV owner compiling a wish list, we’ve got you covered.

From travel essentials to cozy comfort items and innovative gadgets, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of 100 fantastic gifts for RV owners. These items promise to add functionality, fun, and convenience to any RV adventure. So buckle up, and let’s start our journey through these must-have RV gifts!

Gifts For Camper Owners

camper gift ideas

1. Portable GPS Navigation System – Helps with route planning and finding locations.

2. Camping Chairs – Comfortable outdoor seating for relaxation.

3. Outdoor Rug – Perfect for creating a neat outdoor living space.

4. RV Cover – Protects the RV from weather conditions when not in use.

5. Portable Propane Grill – Allows for outdoor cooking and barbecues.

6. Travel Size Kitchen Appliances – For compact and convenient cooking.

7. Collapsible Dish Rack – For convenient drying of dishes in a small space.

8. RV Mattress Topper – Increases sleeping comfort during travels.

9. RV Leveling Blocks – For stability when parked on uneven ground.

10. Portable Fire Pit – Offers warmth and ambiance for outdoor relaxation.

11. Compact Binoculars – Enhances viewing for nature lovers.

12. Solar Charger – Eco-friendly way to keep electronics charged.

13. LED Lanterns – Useful for night-time outdoor activities.

14. RV Backup Camera – Assists with parking and reversing.

15. Travel Board Games – Entertainment for rainy days or relaxing evenings.

16. Portable Clothesline – Ideal for hanging clothes to dry outdoors.

17. Collapsible Storage Bins – For better organization within the RV.

18. Portable Power Station – Handy for powering gadgets when off-grid.

19. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Keeps the RV clean and dust-free.

20. RV Awning Lights – Adds ambiance for evening outdoor lounging.

21. RV Water Filter – Ensures clean, safe water supply.

22. Portable Washing Machine – Enables laundry to be done while on the go.

23. Inflatable Kayak – For water-based adventures.

24. Hammock – Perfect for relaxation between trees at the campsite.

25. Picnic Basket Set – Great for outdoor lunches.

26. First Aid Kit – Important for managing minor medical situations.

27. Camping Cookware Set – Compact and portable for cooking meals.

28. Telescoping Ladder – Convenient for accessing high places on the RV.

29. National Park Pass – Provides access to national parks for a year.

30. Insect Repellent – Protects against bug bites in the great outdoors.

camper gift ideas
Unique gifts for RV and camper owners

31. Walkie-Talkies – Ideal for communication during hikes or trips.

32. Portable Wi-Fi Router – Keeps connected to the internet on the road.

33. Travel Guide Books – Inspirational for planning the next adventure.

34. Fishing Gear – For those who enjoy a relaxing day fishing.

35. Bike Rack – A practical addition for carrying bicycles.

36. Portable Ice Maker – Convenient for making ice on hot days.

37. RV Step Rug – Adds comfort and cleanliness for entering the RV.

38. Camping Table – Useful for outdoor dining or game playing.

39. Cubic Mini Wood Stove – One of the best RV or camper heating appliances.

40. Outdoor Movie Projector – Turns the RV into a mobile cinema.

41. RV Door Mat – Keeps the RV interior cleaner.

42. RV Sewer Hose Support – Makes waste dumping easier and cleaner.

43. Insulated Travel Mugs – Keeps beverages hot or cold during travels.

44. RV Wheel Chocks – Provides extra safety when parking.

45. Hiking Backpack – Essential for hiking adventures.

46. Outdoor Shower – For a refreshing rinse in the great outdoors.

47. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

48. Folding Picnic Table – Compact and practical for outdoor meals.

49. Small Pot Plant – Get the kids to decorate the pot as a grandparents’ day gift or for other special occasions.

50. RV Patio Awning – Provides shade for outdoor relaxation.

gifts for people with campers
Gifts for RV campers who have everything

51. Travel Journal – For recording travel experiences and memories.

52. Compact Air Fryer – For healthier cooking on the go.

53. Hammock Stand – Allows hammock setup even without trees.

54. RV Toilet Paper – Biodegradable and safe for the RV’s sanitation system.

55. Outdoor Games – Fun for the whole family at the campsite.

56. Pop-Up Trash Can – Compact and convenient for waste disposal.

57. Portable Solar Panels – Generates power while off-grid.

58. RV Step Covers – Adds safety and reduce dirt tracking into the camper.

59. Motorhome Windshield Cover – Provides privacy and blocks heat and light.

60. Travel-Sized Board Games – Fun entertainment for travel.

61. Portable Battery Jump Starter – Peace of mind for battery failures.

62. RV Water Pressure Regulator – Protects RV plumbing from high pressure.

63. Outdoor Folding Side Table – Extra surface for beverages or books.

64. Electric Heated Blanket – Cozy for chilly nights.

65. Foldable Electric Kettle – Convenient for making hot drinks on the go.

66. Outdoor Cooking Utensils Set – Everything needed for outdoor cooking.

67. Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Monitors RV and towed vehicle tires.

68. Picnic Blanket – Ideal for picnics or star gazing.

69. AeroPress Travel Coffee Press – Compact and convenient for coffee making.

70. Weather Radio – Stay updated with the weather conditions.

71. Portable Air Compressor – Essential for maintaining tire pressure.

72. Camping Knife or Multi-tool – Handy for various outdoor tasks.

73. Dehumidifier – Keeps the RV’s interior moisture-free.

74. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Fun water activity for a campsite with lakes or rivers.

75. RV Door Window Shade – Provides privacy and blocks sunlight.

76. Compact Treadmill – Keeps up the fitness routine on the road.

gifts for rv enthusiasts
Some RV and camper owners may need a small gift…

77. Travel-Size Humidifier – Ensures comfort in dry climates.

78. Collapsible Bowl Set – Saves space in the RV kitchen.

79. Portable Mosquito Repeller – Keeps the camping area bug-free.

80. Campfire Roasting Sticks – For hot dog marshmallow roasting.

81. Swing-Away Hitch Carrier – Extra storage space for gear.

82. Keyless RV Door Lock – Enhances security and convenience.

83. Solar String Lights – Creates a cozy atmosphere outdoors.

84. Travel Blender – For healthy smoothies on the road.

85. Portable Projector Screen – Essential for outdoor movie nights.

86. Compact Drying Rack – For drying clothes inside the RV.

87. Camping Hammock – Relaxation under the stars or shade.

88. RV Mini Dehumidifier – Controls moisture and prevents mold in the absence of an RV wood stove.

89. Portable Pet Playpen – Keeps pets safe and secure at the campsite.

90. Portable Espresso Maker – Delicious espresso anytime, anywhere.

91. Hiking Boots – Comfortable and durable footwear for outdoor activities.

92. RV Tire Covers – Protects tires from sun damage.

93. Telescopic Fishing Rod – Compact and easy to carry for fishing enthusiasts.

94. Freeze-dried Meals – For quick, easy, and healthy meals.

95. RV-themed Apparel – Stylish clothing options for the RV enthusiast.

96. Folding Shovel – Handy for various outdoor tasks.

97. Inflatable Lounge Chair – Easy to pack and great for relaxation.

98. Portable Travel Safe – Keeps valuables secure during travels.

99. RV GPS App Subscription – Digital assistance for RV navigation.

100. Gift Card for their favorite camping store – Let them choose exactly what they want.

Gifts For RV Campers

rv camping gifts

Finding the perfect gift for an RV enthusiast can be a challenge, but this extensive list of gifts for RV owners should make your shopping much easier. Whether you’re looking for functional gear, cozy comfort items, or just something fun to enhance their RV lifestyle, there’s a gift for every type of RV owner on this list.

Remember, the best gifts are not only those that match the recipient’s interests but also those that make their journey more enjoyable and comfortable. We hope you found this guide useful in selecting a gift that will be a great addition to their adventures and bring a smile to their face every time they hit the open road.

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