STIHL Rescue Chainsaws Cut Bulletproof Glass, Sheet Steel, And Aluminum Doors

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STIHL Rescue Chainsaws are specially designed for use in emergency and rescue situations.

Firefighters most commonly use them; interestingly, Stihl rescue saws were designed with help from the Virginia Beach, Va. Fire Department. Stihl Headquarters USA is in Virginia beach, so they’re the local fire department.

The MS 460, 461, and 462 are the three adapted models. The MS 462 is the current production model, with the 460 and 461 being earlier versions.

stihl ms 461 rescue saw
Image: @stihl

STIHL shared:

Bulletproof glass, sheet steel, aluminium doors: the STIHL MS 462 C-M R rescue saw is for when things get serious.

stihl ms 460 rescue saw
Image: @stihl


Unstoppable, even by emergency fire doors: the new STIHL MS 462 C-M R is designed for rescues.

rescue saw uses
Image: @stihl

A few differences exist between a Rescue saw (designated R) and a regular 462.

Here’s the description:

Designed exclusively for specially trained fire, rescue, and emergency personnel, the STIHL MS 462 R C-M Rescue features the remarkable STIHL RAPID™ Duro Rescue Chain (RDR) capable of cutting through glass, sheet metal, roofing, wood, and a wide variety of other materials encountered during rescue operations.

The STIHL 462 R C-M Rescue is lighter, has significantly less vibration, and features improved chain oil capacity. A depth limiter allows for rapid depth-controlled cutting for the toughest of applications such as roof venting and technical entry, while a muffler guard plate limits the amount of debris on the muffler.

The extra-large starter handle enables easier starting while wearing large protective gloves. When seconds count, professional emergency personnel count on STIHL.

To summarize, rescue saws come with a muffler guard, cutting depth limiter, impact-resistant carbide-plated chain, big pull-start handle, and rescue decal.

differences with rescue saws
Image: @stihl

MS 462 R specs:

  • 72.2 cc / 4.40 cu in
  • 4.4 kW / 5.9 hp
  • 6.5 kg / 14.3 lbs

The 460, 461, and 462 may have slight differences in specs, though they’re all similar.

The Rapid Duro Special Chain (RDR) is a highlight of the saw. The teeth are reinforced with tungsten carbide and cobalt.

stihl ms 462 rescue saw
Image: @stihl

Other features of these rescues saws:

  • Wrap handle
  • Special heavy-duty carbide-segmented chain
  • Extra large starter handle for use with fire/rescue gloves
  • Extended chip deflector
  • Built-in tool holder
  • Special muffler shield
  • Toolless fuel and oil caps with retainers
  • IntelliCarb compensating carburetor
  • Adjustable automatic bar and chain oiler
  • Easy-access heavy-duty air filter
  • Side-access chain tensioner

Many of the standard features are on the standard 462 saws as well.

rescue chainsaws for emergencies
Image: @stihl

All in all, STIHL emergency services saws are awesome, and the special chain is epic.

Technically, anyone can buy the chain. Just don’t be using it to break into the bank!


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