Spiraling Chainsaw Machine Climbs Trees And Prunes Branches

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This tree-climbing chainsaw invention gives new meaning to the term climbing saw!

The machine spirals up the tree, cutting any and all branches in its way.

Here’s the video, which originally came from @Bidone1967 on YouTube.


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They said, “Well that is one way to trim a tree! How does it know when to stop?”

It’s a good question… we don’t know!

One commenter said, “These were made by Fichtel and Sachs of Germany. Imported to the USA in the 1960’s.”

While we don’t doubt Fichtel and Sachs made something like this, this exact model isn’t one of theirs.

Other comments:

  • “More damage than a tree climber with spikes smh.”
  • “It stops when the fuel runs out … 😜”
  • “Cool! So that’s where telephone poles come from…”
  • “Star of the next “Saw” film.”
  • “How does it come down? 🤔”
  • “What could possibly go wrong with that rig-up?”

The machine is certainly damaging the tree and leaving it open to disease and infection, but we don’t think this invention will put arborists out of business anytime soon.

Most folk will stick with their STIHL 201 Ts or Husky T540 XPs


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