The STIHL 040 Was 1966’s Most Advanced Chainsaw

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The STIHL 040 is a 61 cc chainsaw with one of Stihl’s shortest production runs.

It was only produced for one year from 1966 to 1967, so there aren’t all that many out there. 1966 was the STIHL company’s 40th anniversary, and the 040 was dubbed the “anniversary edition.”

The saw pictured here is for sale on eBay (seller szabsa76). We have no relationship with the seller.

The listing description states:

I offer for sale a very beautiful Stihl 040 chainsaw in original condition (not painted, not restored).

The factory, for its fortieth anniversary, released this type in 1966, and it was produced for only one year!

It starts easily, works well, lubricates profusely.

61 ccm, 3,5 PH, new 3/8 inch Oregon chain.

I undertake international shipping.

Feel free to write if you have any questions!

No guarantee, no refunds!

The 040 is a favorite of chainsaw collectors and is almost as sought after as the 041 G (G meaning gear reduction drive).

The listing price for this stunning chainsaw is US $690.00.

It’s not a bad price given the rarity of the saw. It also appears to be in excellent condition, making it even rarer.

This particular 040 doesn’t look like it’s seen much use at all.

STIHL marketed the 040 like this:

If you want a power saw that outperforms other saws in its category – if you want a lighter saw, with less weight but with more “oomph” – The STIHL 040 is the saw for you!

For it is lighter – yet more powerful than others – and does the job or a much larger, heavier saw.

This is possible, in part, due to the new concepts in design of the 040, such as the horizontal operating position of the engine. In fact, the 040 has probably incorporated more new features – in recent years – than any other saw.

We guarantee – the STIHL 040 is today’s most advanced chain saw.

Look to the superior quality and confidence of performance that can only be offered by a company acknowledged a world leader among chain saw manufacturers.

040 chainsaw advertising

And check out this old 040 advert!

The Stihl 08 S came out just before the 040 in 1963, though it had a much longer production run.

STIHL shared this about the 040 on their history page:

On the company’s 40th anniversary, STIHL presents the 040 one-person saw – and a technology sensation: with 3.7 hp the machine weighs only 6.8 kg. This marks the first time a power to weight ratio ratio of less than 2.0 kg per unit of horsepower is achieved.

When it was released, the 040 was known as one of the lightest one-man saws on the market.


  • Displacement: 61 cc / 3.72 cu in
  • Power: 3.5 hp / 2.6 kW
  • Weight: 6.8 kg / 15 lbs
  • Bar length: 35 – 63 cm / 14 – 25″
  • Idle rpm: 2,800
  • Max free rpm: 11,000

The saw was “Made in West Germany.”

On our Facebook post about the 040, Christopher Lehman added:

Designed for Stihl’s 40th anniversary, the 040 evolved into the 041.

Some early 041s still had the sliding choke and kill lever on the hood vs the snap switches on newer ones.

When it changed from the 040 to the 041 they added an impulse line for the carb instead of pulling vacuum through the carb stack. Also got rid of the loose rollers on the bottom rod going to the 041.

Made an 030 in same time frame that was replaced by the 031.

The listing for this saw also states it will be sold with a 15″ bar and chain.

The seller is based in Hungary, so shipping outside of Europe will likely cost, and it carries some risk. However, we think it’s a risk some guys would be willing to take!

We found a thread on FB about another 040 sale in 2021. It was listed for $700 and the guy posting the comment wanted to know if it was worth it.

Steve said:

If it’s pristine, it’s a collectors item, and could bring that money.

If it’s been used a good bit, even if it looks pretty good, you’re in the $150-$250 range.

If it’s beat up and or doesn’t run, $75, and only then if you want to restore it. Otherwise it’s a boat anchor.

Brian said:

Ehh 040 worth 250 max in good condition. More realistically $150-200. It may be worth more to him but thats what they go for.

Make of that what you will, but keep in mind it’s now a couple of years later.

040s come up for sale so rarely that you’ll often see guys having to ask for them.

“Does anyone have an 040 for sale or know where I can find one?”

So when one does come up for sale at a price and condition that you’re comfortable with, it’s good to get a hold of it. ASAP!

If you know anything else about the history of the Stihl 040, please share it in the comments below.


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