Small Gas Engine Ban Survey: What Do You Think?

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Thank you for your interest in our Small Gas Engine Ban Survey, the details of which you can read below.

You can take part in our survey if you live in the USA or Canada and are over 18 years of age. It’s estimated to take 3 minutes, though most people take less time. Follow the link at the end of the survey to enter the prize draw for a $200 Amazon gift card (to be drawn on June 5, 2023).


See the survey results or survey comments to discover what we learned.

Many states or cities now ban small off-road engines (“SOREs”). Some are current, and others are being introduced soon.

This will affect the sale and use of chainsaws, leaf blowers, lawnmowers, brush cutters, line trimmers, pole saws, generators, log splitters, stump grinders, and numerous other types of gas-powered engine equipment.

California is a well-known case. From 2024 the sale of NEW small gas engine equipment will be prohibited. Used and second-hand products can still be bought and sold, but there will be no new equipment sales.

Since January 2022, Washington DC has banned gas-powered leaf blowers outright. There are $500 fines for anyone caught using them. However, there is an exemption for using them on federal property… that’s still OK.

Other such bans are being implemented or considered in Denver, New York State, Vancouver, and many other states, cities, or districts. Many of these bans reference a 2011 leaf blower study we recently reviewed.

This survey’s purpose is to learn what users of this equipment think and what their behavior might be going forward.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or remarks about the survey.


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15 thoughts on “Small Gas Engine Ban Survey: What Do You Think?”

  1. Dumb-ass Yanks. The Chinese and Russian governments, not to mention everyone else will be laughing their heads off!!! Don’t get me wrong, I use battery powered tools including chainsaws, mowers, whipper snippers, drills , belt sanders etc but NO battery powered tool is going to do the job of my 034 or an 070 etc. If you want to seriously reduce air pollution get rid of your ignorant, dumb-ass politicians; they expel too much hot air.

    • uter stupidity ! get rid of allthe polution in the sky from airplanes and you might get some where ! one flight from New York to london would put as much pollutants in the airas all the small engines in the U S .

  2. I think the careful sale or even use of gas engines should be banned because they pollute far more than cars. And the noise it makes can’t be ignored. Every weekend I’m affected by it. Considering the people who have already bought this small gas engine product, let them use it but not resell it.

  3. This type of engine equipment has affected the sales of many tools, and without these tools, it is environmentally friendly. I think we should call on everyone to take it seriously!

  4. The government should effectively guide and encourage efforts to improve the environmental pollution caused by machines

  5. Is a small equipment, said to affect the environment, that if the large equipment is not more impact? Why can’t large devices be used?

  6. Small devices that have sound, like chainsaws, are designed to be used in the forest, not everyone lives in the forest. Small devices are banned, but what about large devices?

  7. The world gets dumber by the day….what do you think Firefighters will be using in Commiefornia this summer/fall when you have forest fires?
    What about jaws of life…
    This is a typical stupid idea ,keep it in Commiefornia!

  8. In Washington DC it’s ok on government property but not by those who are governed. Hypocritical or what ? Any wonder people get a total distaste for new laws

  9. I think think everyone should think twice. The government could shut your power off right from a switch. Non of you guy understand that relying on one source of energy is definitely not good. Car pollute just as bad. Maybe it wouldn’t be so concerning on global warming if they just replace gas and diesel with HYDROGEN!! But the government doesn’t want that cause you could make the stuff at home pretty easily and they can control that. I’m an atv, snowmobile, and a chainsaw guy. Cause I heat with firewood and not electric. Going to pollute just as bad trying to produce enough power for a just EV battery that just degrades over time and at the end of the battery life the battery is NOT any lighter in weight then when it was new. People need to use there brain and use the science we have and learn. The key is hydrogen. Not electric. I’m not going to wait all day for my electric POS to charge so I could get home. I’m gonna burn gas until the conversion to hydrogen. And by the way Hydrogen is fast fueling and it has ZERO Emissions. That right no CO2 like everyone is complaining about. And maybe stop cutting our trees drown would definitely help too!!

  10. Stupidest thing I ever heard when China is responsible for three quarters of the pollutants in this world and how are they going green by buying hundreds and thousands of tons of coal from Russia they’re not even trying to clean up and I’m sorry the two to three percent that America is causing towards pollutants as you notice I did not say global warming because that’s been proved to be a complete fabrication or the ice sheets on our North and South Poles wouldn’t have grown substantially over the last 20 years the government is doing this so that they can control every aspect of people’s lives in this country the government has turned into a pro communist American hating group of people I’m sorry I hate mostly by wood with an oil furnace backup there is no way possible to accomplish what the biden administration wants to do the technology does not exist if they was to do away with all diesel gas engines than 99.9% of all trade goods would be stuck in the ports because there is no electric trains and no electric tractor and trailers that are capable of hauling in a 10-hour period even a 10th of the mileage that a diesel tractor and trailer does or a diesel locomotive does and that’s not talking about cars look at the power grid in California it keeps going on the fritz with only a million electric vehicles and yet there’s 300 million gasoline vehicles titled in the state of California if they was to put $300 million more electric vehicles on that same grid it would not be on ever until they fix the electric grids in this country and developed the technology that will actually accomplish the same rate of power that coal hydro natural gas and nuclear power plants make this will never be accomplished just another case of the government sticking their head up their ass and blurting something out that the technology does not exist to accomplish proving yet again how ignorant uneducated and idiotic are government actually is


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